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    The Best Software for Improving Your Online Poker Game

    While many industries have struggled during the pandemic, online Poker Game has seen a resurgence in popularity in the US. Despite being the birthplace of poker, the US has had a rocky relationship with the game at times. Currently, only five states allow the game to be played online for real money, severely limiting the available player base for providers looking to expand their market reach.

    Despite this restriction, the game is seeing a revival of sorts, partly due to the pandemic shutting down the venues shutting down across the country and potential players having more time at home to find a game. Online poker has been a mainstay in other territories and countries across the world, so it is only a matter of time before more states take the leap and open up their market to the game, especially when online sports betting has generated so much tax revenue since being made legal in several states.

    If you live in one of the areas where online poker is legal, it can be a daunting game to try out for the first time. Though the rules of poker are fairly well known, there are many aspects that can be new to first-time players. However, there are plenty of programs out there to help you elevate your game no matter which site you play on. While these would quickly get you thrown out if you tried to use them on the casino floor, the biggest benefit of playing online is that there is no pit boss looking over your shoulder the whole time.

    Here are a few of our picks for the best software for improving your online poker game.

    PokerStrategy Equilab

    There is a lot that goes into consistently winning at online poker. One key element to a poker player’s arsenal is the ability to calculate poker odds. This means knowing the odds of a specific hand coming up either for yourself or for your opponent, based on the cards that have already been dealt. When playing in person, this has to be done in your head, but online it can be done for you and that is exactly what PokerStrategy Equilab does.

    By running the program in a separate window or monitor, you can update it with the current conditions on the table and it will tell you your odds of winning or of getting a specific card, saving you from having to do difficult math in your head. This is a great tool, especially for new players who might be tempted to chase bad hands when the odds are against them. Plus, the software is completely free to download and use 카지노사이트.

    Poker Copilot

    By playing online poker in a windowed browser, you have the ability to fill the rest of your monitor with helpful tools and reminders, which is where a Heads-Up Display program can really shine. Poker Copilot is a good option for new players in the market for a HUD to wrap around their online poker window as it is simple to use and doesn’t have a lot of extra information floating around. It has the essentials like the poker hand rankings and your blind and limits on it without overwhelming players.

    Other HUDs might have more features, but, for the price, Poker Copilot is still a solid choice for beginners who might get distracted by too many features or veterans who don’t need as much information on the screen at a time.


    There is a lot of learning to do if you want to succeed at online poker, but not all of it needs to be done against live opponents. PokerSnowie is a surprisingly robust AI poker training software that allows you to practice different strategies and ultimately win more money at the table. It has plenty of programable variables and settings to allow you to simulate cash games and tournaments with a robust AI that gives you feedback on what the more likely outcomes are.

    The overall goal of PokerSnowie is to help you make the most statistically correct choice no matter what is happening at the table. With a free trial for both mobile and desktop available, this is perhaps the best piece of software out there for improving your poker game without risking real money.

    If you want to take your online power on the go, you’ll need a high-speed mobile connection. Check out everything you need to know about 5G before it gets rolled out across the country.


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