How to Use Instabuilder to Create Killer Landing Pages 

Succeeding in making sales online is the main goal of any online business. It doesn’t matter if you run a blog, e-commerce store, or subscription-based business, you want to give yourself the best chance of getting positive results from your marketing campaign. And it helps if you know the right way to increase your chances of selling online. One effective method you can use to give yourself a better shot of converting with sales is to make use of a sales funnel to simplify the process.

And when it comes to the best landing page builders available today, Instabuilder is one of the most reliable among many digital entrepreneurs. You will find here tips to help you use Instabuilder to create the perfect landing page that can help you grow your online brand. This link has a good comparison of two of the best sales funnel builder Instabuilder and Clickfunnels. So you want to check it out to know which one will be best for your landing pages and sales funnels.

What is Instabuilder?

It is a tool that allows marketers to create landing pages in minutes. The tool is available as a plugin that can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin store or purchased from a third-party retailer or directly from the developers. Creating squeeze pages that can be embedded into your ads, blogs, emails, or website makes it possible to make the sales process easy and increases the chances of success. When done properly, you can easily collect emails from your website visitors, make more sales, get more subscriptions or succeed with any other marketing campaign you are targeting with the use of sales funnels.

Choosing the right page builder that simplifies the process of setting up landing pages and also monitoring them is key to getting the best out of your sales funnel. And you can be sure that you will find Instabuilder to be good enough to help you with creating sales pages that will help increase your chances of getting the results you need from your conversion.

Why Instabuilder is a Popular Page Builder?

More than a fair share of entrepreneurs who rely on sales funnels to better their marketing efforts agree that it helps if you get a page builder that simplifies the entire process. And for many marketers, Instabuilder is their number one choice when it comes to the best plugin to use for building landing pages. Below are some of the reasons why Instabuilder is popular in the digital marketing community.

Stylish Design Tool

You get a better chance of getting the interest of your target audience with a well-designed landing page. And this is one thing that is special about Instabuilder. The tool is embedded with all the features you need to create perfectly designed pages that you won’t only be proud of but will also find favor with your target audience. The dashboard is easy to navigate and you can easily take advantage of all the features available even without a deep knowledge of coding or designing from scratch.

Responsive Sales Funnel

It is not enough that you have all you need to create killer landing pages with Instabuilder. But you can also be sure that your sales funnels will be responsive across all devices. It is common for most page builders to be selective when it comes to rendering across all devices and this is one area where Instabuilder outshines the others. You can expect that your funnels will be responsive to both desktop and mobile users. So whether users are visiting from an android or IOS device, you can be sure that your design will appear properly.

Choose from Pre-made Templates

If you are not cut out for the stress of building pages from scratch, you can also benefit from the pre-made templates available that you can choose from in making your sales funnels. With over 100 templates to choose from, you won’t have to worry about finding the one that will appeal to your needs. And it is only a matter of making a few customizations and you will get something that will be unique to you. Using the templates provided will help save time with the design process even though you don’t want to be in a hurry when creating the perfect landing page.

High Level of Customization

The ease of customization users get with Instabuilder is another reason why is one of the most popular page builders available today. And this is taking into account that you have all your need to give your sales funnel a better chance of a conversion. You can easily make changes in all aspects whether it’s text, video, audio, buttons, or even how users can navigate across the page. Being able to make changes gives you full control of the design and this can increase your chance of making pages that you will appreciate.

Advanced Marketing

You can also benefit from a page builder that has added features that helps you get better results from your marketing. The advanced tech in marketing is a 2-step opt-in process that ensures that you have the chance to boost your conversion rates. With the one-click integration embedded into your pages, you can easily boost conversion with just one click.

There is also the option of locking your content to get more leads. This is a feature that allows you to lock certain pages that can only be opened when the user sign-in. This can help you with conversion if you aim to grow your email list. And you want to make sure that you use contents that are exceptionally prepped for conversion when choosing pages to lock.

Final Note 

No doubt you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to tools that you can use in building landing pages. But if you want an option that makes the process easy and has all you need to stay on top of analytics to help with increasing your chances of conversion, you want to consider the Instabuilder plugin. You can check for reviews online from users who make use of the tool to learn more about their experience with the page builder.


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