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    How to Mix Makeup with Glasses?

    What on earth is the glasses and makeup fuss all about? We’ve heard a lot of people complaining that no matter how beautiful their makeup is, it gets washed up as soon as they put on their glasses.

    However, when you do it right, you can enhance the beauty of your makeup with your fashionable glasses. If your eyes are a canvas, your eyeglasses are the frame.

    Also, your eye makeup also depends on what type of optical lenses you wear. For instance, if you are shortsighted, your eyes appear tiny and if you are farsighted, the opposite of that is true.

    Here are some makeup tips for the ladies to help you look your absolute best even with your glasses on.

    Don’t overdo the foundation

    If you don’t want the dents and foundation creases all over your makeup, you should go a little easy on your foundation. Do a good base makeup but keep the foundation light and thin especially around your nose.

    Your foundation gets rubbed off from the area where your frame touches your face such as the side of your nose and upper cheeks. And after you have applied your foundation, dab a little setting powder to secure your foundation in place.

    Do your brows

    Ladies often overlook their brows as they think that they will get hidden behind their frames. But this isn’t true. Your frames do just the opposite of that. They will bring more focus on your eyebrows and if there is any stray hair, your glasses will bring them in notice.

    So, shape up your brows and make sure to keep it along the style of your frame. For instance, if you wear square glasses, give a sharp angular curve to your brows. Also, keep the thickness of your eyebrows according to the thickness of your frame. If you are sporting thick black frames, keep your brows thin so they don’t clash with each other.

    Eyeliner and eyeshadow

    Your lenses will give a magnifying view of your eye makeup so you should be extra careful when decorating your eyes. We have already mentioned that if you are farsighted, your lenses will make your eyes look bigger. So, if you don’t want to look like a bug-eyed monster, go for smokey eyes to get a full lash effect.

    In case your eyes are looking small, give them the illusion of width by applying a nude shade eyeliner along your waterline. You can highlight the beauty of your eyes with a shimmery eye in the middle and mix it up with nude shade eye shadow.

    When it comes to eyeliner, wing it along the frame shape. If you are sporting bold cat-eye glasses, extend the wing a little. Also, wear thick eyeliner for thick frames

    Use concealer

    Glasses tend to cast a shadow under your eyes and if you already have dark circles, your glasses will make them look worse. To combat this problem, apply a little extra concealer under your eyes and fix it well with matching compact powder. Also, make sure you use a concealer that is lighter than your foundation.

    Do your lashes

    After the eyeliner and eyeshadow is done, it is time to tend to your lashes. If you are blessed with beautiful long eyelashes, curl them so they don’t hit your lenses when you blink your eyes.

    We won’t suggest you apply mascara as they can leave black marks on your lenses. Instead, use a curler so they look beautiful and don;t obstruct your view.


    If you are going bold on the eyes, put on a light colour lipstick. You want to keep focus on only one facial feature. Also, your lipstick should also be in accordance with your frame colour. If the frame colour is dark, you might not want to wear a bold lip colour. In case you are wearing round glasses in a transparent frame, keep the soft touch alive by going a little easy on your face makeup.

    The final word

    These tips are only to inform you what kind of makeup works the best with glasses. You can experiment with different makeup looks and see which one suits your face and glasses the best. It is always best to keep the attention on your most attractive facial feature.


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