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    Despite its apparent complexity, the use of Bitcoin is both simple and practical, which explains the growing number of establishments that accept this virtual currency. The casino world is not to be outdone and today, bitcoin is a determining criterion when choosing an establishment to play online. 

    Indeed, this currency and the associated payment system have many advantages for the player. Registering in a bitcoin casino allows you to generate significant gains thanks to the value of Bitcoin and lower transaction fees. If you are about to try a first experience, read our guide to bitcoin casinos and discover all the useful tips to get started.


    Bitcoin (BTC) is a cryptographic currency or cryptocurrency, that is, a kind of digital currency. It allows you to carry out a transaction without using legal tender. Bitcoin also designates the payment system, which is based on the use of software called “wallet”. These, therefore, serve as electronic wallets. 

    This software is available from suppliers, each Internet user can use a wallet on his own computer or smartphone in order to carry out payment transactions. This makes it possible to decentralize management at the user level. It is a 100% virtual system that does not go through any bank and does not depend on any authority.

    It is possible to convert a legal currency (US dollar, Canadian dollar, euro, etc.) into bitcoin through an exchange platform. If you buy your cryptocurrency. It is also possible to generate bitcoin through mining. 

    This process consists of creating blocks by bringing together several transactions, and integrating remunerative transactions into each block in order to pay the miner: these are the new bitcoins. However, this is too expensive a process to be profitable for the majority of users.

    Today, bitcoin has become a common means of payment in online commerce as well as virtual casinos. Many people use it to settle their transactions because it offers a high level of security while ensuring relative anonymity.


    A bitcoin casino offers online games available in bitcoin. This means you can deposit and withdraw your winnings in BTC. To take advantage of these titles, you must have an account that you will credit in BTC. Even if it seems complicated for a beginner, it is not.


    It is possible to acquire Bitcoins through peer-to-peer transactions, that is to say by buying cryptocurrency from an Internet user who owns it. You can also go through online exchanges. However, if you really want to have fun with the exclusive games offered at an online bitcoin casino, it is better to install a bitcoin wallet on a compatible computer or smartphone. 

    Just buy the software from a reliable supplier, and you will then be able to carry out all the operations you will need from this wallet: entry and exit of cryptocurrency, purchase with bitcoin, and of course, participation in your games. favorites. You can consult a free guide online to help you, there are many tutorials in French on this subject.


    Just like online shops and service providers, casinos that accept bitcoin are increasingly numerous. You must therefore remain cautious in choosing your casino, and ensure that the establishment is reliable before betting your Bitcoins on its games. Here are the main criteria to check to find the right casino:

    • – Security: even if the use of bitcoin is done anonymously, you must always remain vigilant regarding the security of your identifiers and personal information on the casino site.
    • – The toy library: the online casino must offer a wide choice of games with bitcoin. A good bitcoin casino must have interesting slot machines and table games. At CasinoTops.online, there is a wide range of securities you can bet on with cryptocurrency.
    • – Bonuses and promotional offers: it is always better to register at a casino that offers bonuses in BTC. On TopCasinoOnline, you are entitled to exclusive bonuses in conventional money, but also free games in bitcoin.

    Once you have verified these items, you can register. At Gambling.online, opening an account is both quick and easy. You can then make the first deposit in cryptocurrency by choosing this payment method.


    When you win on a game in BTC, you also pocket winnings in BTC. You can then make a withdrawal when you reach the required amount. Confirming a BTC transaction takes about 10 minutes. Thus, your money will be quickly available in your wallet, unlike a bank transfer. At FreeSlotsTop, with bitcoin games, you have the opportunity to earn even more cryptocurrency and therefore make really profitable winnings thanks to the value of bitcoin.


    Bitcoin casinos are growing in popularity because they offer attractive advantages for online gamblers.


    Bitcoin transactions are much more secure than other types of monetary exchange. Indeed, the possibility of hacking a wallet is very low, if not non-existent. You do not risk losing your cryptocurrency, since you are the only one with the key to your wallet and there is no central entity that can access it. Moreover, the owner of an account can himself lose control if he loses his key: in this case, the Bitcoins will remain forever blocked. Clearly, a cryptocurrency transaction is the best way to secure your money from malicious third parties.


    When you create your bitcoin wallet, you do not need to communicate your identity. You can use a pseudonym to manage all of your operations, which then remain entirely anonymous. A player can then discreetly bet on a bitcoin casino; this is an important asset for many online players. In addition, the use of cryptocurrency avoids you to send information relating to your bank account. Thus, there is no risk of being tracked during a bet, and above all, your bank details are safe since you do not use them.


    Bitcoin casinos usually offer bonuses in BTC, which are much more interesting than regular bonuses. Indeed, the exchange value of bitcoin is very high, and 1 BTC can earn you a lot of dollars. The bonuses are thus much more interesting once converted into “real” money, that is to say into legal tender. Of course, it is important to check the withdrawal conditions relating to promotions, as wagering requirements are often applied before you can withdraw bonus winnings.


    The fees for transactions carried out in bitcoin are lower compared to exchanges carried out in a legal currency. The percentages are generally lower than what the banks charge for operations carried out from a credit card or during a transfer. It is therefore a good alternative to spend less during your transactions.


    Bitcoins were the subject of a dedicated slot: Satoshi’s Secret. Of course, this title is playable with cryptocurrency. However, there are other games that you can pay in BTC.


    This slot machine was developed by Endorphina, a publisher known for its sense of innovation and captivating games. Satoshi’s Secret was named after the inventor of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. It’s a 6-reel slot with futuristic graphics, with a theme of hacking a bank account. Satoshi’s Secret has several bonus symbols and features to maximize your chances of winning, including double or quits and free spins. Of course, you can play this game at CasinoChan.


    With the bitcoin phenomenon, publishers have developed games available in cryptocurrency, and even classic slot machines can be played in BTC. Among the most popular are:

    • – Eye of Ra, developed by Amatic: with its reels and 720 paylines, this slot offers players many chances to win. In addition, it has several jokers and bonus features. The theme is also entertaining, and the graphics are quite successful with its pyramids and starry sky.
    • – Dragon’s Pearl by Amatic: the name is quite misleading since, in reality, this game features men (dragons) who capture beautiful young girls (pearls). With 5 reels and 50 paylines, this bitcoin game also features wilds, expandable wilds, free spins, and bonus games.
    • – Fruit Zen from BetSoft: this slot uses a classic theme reminiscent of the fruit machines of yesteryear, but with 3D graphics. It has 5 reels and 10 paylines with a Wild symbol. Quite stingy in bonuses, but offering more chances of winning thanks to its limited number of lines, this game represents good entertainment.

    These titles are available at most casinos that accept cryptocurrency. Of course, you can play them at CasinoChan, an accredited online casino that also has other equally interesting bitcoin games.


    Blackjack is a legendary game, with incredible payouts that have marked the history of the game and the casino. The objective is simple: to have a hand whose value is higher than that of the croupier without exceeding 21. Playing blackjack in a bitcoin casino allows you to make colossal gains if you are lucky and apply the right strategy. At CasinoChan, you have the choice between several variants of this game, with the possibility of betting in BTC.


    On CasinoChan, there are several live titles available in bitcoin: several variants of roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker, but also innovative entertainment such as Dream Catcher (Wheel of Fortune) or direct online Monopoly, an adaptation of the famous board game in a live casino game.


    Here are answers to frequently asked questions from players regarding bitcoin casinos.

    Is bitcoin legal?

    For the moment, there is no legislative text aimed at legalizing or prohibiting bitcoin. There are no restrictions. On the other hand, merchants and service providers who accept cryptocurrency are

    What games are available with bitcoin?

    Slot machines, table games, live casino, jackpot variants… A good bitcoin casino offers a wide range of titles to offer its members a choice. This is the case of CasinoChan, which provides players with dozens of titles in bitcoin on its site. You will find in particular Satoshi’s Secret, several slots as well as roulette, blackjack, and poker with a live dealer.

    How to play with bitcoin?

    Bitcoin casinos are establishments that accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment. So you can make deposits and withdraw your winnings in BTC. To do this, you must use a cryptocurrency wallet. Then, just choose your payment method on the gambling site by clicking on “bitcoin”.

    Why play with bitcoin?

    It’s fast, secure, anonymous, and cost-effective. Processing a transaction takes just a few clicks and confirmation comes after 10 minutes. The operations are carried out exclusively online on the wallet software interface, with a tamper-proof algorithm. In short, it is much more reliable than traditional payment via a bank account. You use a pseudonym, and the exchange value of Bitcoins is much higher compared to the most common currencies.

    Are bitcoin casinos secure?

    The security of a casino depends on both the reliability of its payment systems and the protection of players’ personal data. A bitcoin casino is safe because this online payment method requires a perfectly secure platform, and the use of bitcoin involves limited use of personal and banking information. This reduces the risk of leaks. 

    How to win at bitcoin games?

    The rules of a game of chance remain the same, regardless of the means of payment and the type of currency used. Therefore, you must refine your strategy on these games if you want to win real money winnings. For example, to win cryptocurrency in an online blackjack game, you have to master the basic rules and strategy.

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