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    Complete Login Procedure My Citi Card Account [www.myciti.com]

    If you own a Citibank account that is already registered online, you can access it anytime, every time on the go. All you need to do is log in at www.myciti.com

    You can use multiple utility services such as checking your balance, manage transactions, online shopping, and much more. Via my.citi.com you can also apply for a new credit card if you still don’t have one!

    My Citi Card Account Login at www.myciti.com

    Citibank also has a play store app by the same name that allows you to access your account from the convenience of your mobile device. With just a few taps you get services like :

    • 24*7 customer service
    • ATM access
    • Money orders/ Demand drafts
    • Wheelchair accessible ATMs locations near me
    • Secured transactions from anywhere across the globe

    Myciti.com Credit Cards Offer

    There are a plethora of credit offers and memberships that you can subscribe to. All of them are different & are designed to meet different needs & purposes. The top-rated 5 cards out of them are:

    • Citi Rewards
    • Citi Platinum
    • Citi Student Rewards
    • AAdvantage Credit Card
    • Citi Gold Credit Card
    • Citi Travel Silver Card

    MyCiti.com Log in Process

    You can log in to your Citibank account using their official login website portal as well as with the mobile app. All you need is a stable internet connection and your account credentials to log in:

    My Citi Card login
    My Citi Card login

    Login via www.myciti.com

    • Visit the above-mentioned account login platform
    • Enter your username and password in the required field
    • Check the tickbox that says, ‘ Remember my User ID’
    • Hit the Sign In button and proceed to login into your account. 

    Login via myciti.com mobile app

    All Citibank account holders can also access the mobile app. With just taps on the screen, you can access all the important bank account details and other information without setting a foot in your bank. All you need to do is :

    • Install the Citi Bank mobile app from the Google play store or app store for iOS.
    • Open the app and click on login.
    • Provide user and password.
    • You’ll be logged in to your account.

    How to create a bank account via www.myciti.com?

    So, now you can create your own bank account at the Citi bank online at the website or by the mobile app. Now, you don’t have any need to go to the Citi Bank branches and you can make an account for yourself at home. This is very helpful as you don’t have to take any extra time. Follow these instructions :

    • Click on the ‘create an account’ tab.
    • Enter the zip code of your residence area.
    • Select the type of account – Saving, CXurrent or NRI.
    • Follow up by filling in all the details and you’ll get your account number.

    How to register your account online?

    Before logging into your account via myciti.com, registration is the first step and key process of all. Register your Citi bank account at myciti.com. 

    • Click on the “register an account online” link. 
    • Type your account information using your credit or debit card number or your bank account number.
    • Verify and set up user and password.

    Features and Benefits of myciti.com Mobile App

    • All Mobile Account – Open a checking or savings account right from the app from anywhere across the globe


    • Fast Navigation – Quickly get to your favorite features with a user-friendly navigation menu and smart shortcuts


    • Card Replacement – Request a new credit or debit card if you have lost your original one. 


    • Citi Mobile Snapshot – Quickly review key account info – without having to sign in every time


    • Find an ATM – Easily locate one of more than 60,000 fee-free ATMs across India and the globe


    • Account Information –  View your statements, check balances, and recent activity. Make same-day or scheduled payments easily.


    • Aggregation – Link virtually all your bank accounts, credit cards, and investment accounts for a more holistic financial view to managing your finances.


    • Spending insights – Track your spending habits and trends across your accounts


    • Bill management – View and manage your bills and recurring payments in one place


    • Credit Score – Citi credit card customers can view their credit score for free


    • Track account status – Make payments including automatic payments, and transfers and manage payees.


    • Account Alerts – Choose the alerts you want and even when you want them


    • PIN Reset – Reset your debit or credit card PIN from your mobile device


    • Biometrics – Enable Fingerprint Authentication for a fast way to access your account.


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