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    Working from home? Here’s How You can Create a Secure Setup

    The Work from Home era has recently caught on with the pandemic pushing us all indoors. Companies all over the world had to make-do in limited time to equip their employees with resources needed for a secure home office. Businesses worldwide have suffered in several ways due to Covid 19. Small businesses were hit the most with little or no resources to adapt to this new normal. Various workflows were automated and new ways are still being explored to adapt the WFH setup as a hybrid model.

    The pandemic indeed hit us unprepared and unequipped. As an employee, it was quite difficult to adapt to the new setup and workflows. Hours of training spent on learning the new process and merging of personal and professional lives are some of the key challenges faced by employees. The searches of ‘Broadband near me went up extraordinarily due to the pandemic. Another major concern that came up is security. As more and more individuals conduct their business online and use cloud space extensively from their personal networks, the risk of cyberattacks is multifold.

    Given that it is easier to encroach a personal unsecured network, the hackers can now target these networks and launch a huge cyberattack in the huge company database. Now, the companies have adopted various measures to avoid the same. But as an individual, you also need to secure your network.

    How can I secure my WFH setup?

    You can secure your home office by keeping very few points in mind. They are as follows:

    Invest in a good broadband connection

    Wondering how a broadband connection can create a secure setup? Here’s how! Good network broadband connections like that of Airtel or Jio offer in-built security with the broadband. Basically, your broadband connection blocks malicious sites and viruses right at the source. The DNS security system also helps with the same. Airtel Broadband connection offers in-built DNS security by Cisco. Moreover, the router also gets updated to tackle security threats. Moreover, with a network like Airtel you don’t have to constantly check internet speed to see why you are buffering in your work meetings!

    2 Factor authentication

    Keeping a strong password is not enough these days. You need to set 2 levels of security check or authentication check for entering your mail ID or any other confidential files. You can use a third-party authenticator application for the same. Anyone including you who wants to open a locked file, or an account needs to first write the correct password and then authenticate the same action by approving on an authenticator app on your phone or simply entering the OTP (One Time Password) which you receive on your registered phone number. This process will allow you to get a prompt if anyone is attempting to enter your account.

    Invest in a password manager

    A password manager as the name suggests basically manages all your passwords and helps you create strong passwords which can’t be cracked by hackers. Be it your work mail or your personal confidential passwords, you can save them in a password manager. If you have the same password for both your personal and work mails, it will be very easy for a hacker to crack those and infiltrate your work system and further your company database.

    Other ways to secure your WFH setup is to update your anti-virus software. Also, keep your router updated with a strong password. Don’t forget to change your password from the default one and keep updating it regularly for security reasons. Moreover, if your company doesn’t have a VPN of its own, get a VPN for yourself to add a layer of security.

    But most importantly, invest in a good broadband connection for a stable and secure internet connection. Airtel broadband plans start from Rs. 499 offering good speed. Do visit the website and check out the other plans to choose the ideal one for you. Be it any plan, keep security as the top priority in this remote online workspace!


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