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    Why Your Mac Is Slow and How You Can Fix It

    So you’re trying to get your work done and your Mac is plodding along, taking its time, and disturbing your workflow. Now what?

    When your Mac is slow, it can ruin your entire day. Even if you’re just trying to browse the web or watch videos, a slow computer fills even the calmest people with rage.

    So what do you do when you have a slow Mac? How can you fix it so you can get back to browsing the internet in peace? We’re here to help.

    Keep reading to learn all about what to do to speed up your sluggishness.

    First: Do You Need a New One?

    Before you move forward with any tips for fixing a slow Mac, make sure that your hardware isn’t the problem. Is it possible that you are old enough that it’s no longer able to handle your browsing and working needs?

    Macs are reliable. People often have their MacBooks for years on end. That doesn’t mean that they have infinite lifespans.

    If your Mac is over 7 or 8 years old, and these tips don’t help you, consider saving up to get a new one if it’s within your budget.

    Update Your Software

    How often do you hit that “remind me later” button when it’s time for a software update? No judgment here; we’ve been there. While this might seem like a time-saver at first, you may be slowing down your avoiding those important updates.

    Bonus: these updates also offer free security updates. Your Mac will be faster and safer and you won’t have to put in any extra effort.

    Close Unnecessary Programs

    So your Mac is running slow, but you also have two art programs, Discord, Steam, a word processor, iTunes, and three internet browsers open. Do you think that this might be contributing to the speed of your computer?

    Open up your activity monitor. To do this, go to the “applications” folder, then to the “utilities” folder. You should see an option that says “activity monitor.”

    When you open this, you’ll be able to see which programs on your computer are taking up the most energy. Close the ones that you’re no longer using and see if it affects your speed.

    Clean Out Your Mac

    When your Mac is bloated with files, it will slow down. Delete all of the apps and files that you no longer need and you should speed up your computer. This is one of the best slow Mac fixes.

    You can use an app to do this, but you can also go through and do it on your own. If you have many videos and photos that you can’t get rid of, consider backing them up on Google.

    Try These Tips When Your Mac Is Slow

    A slow Mac can ruin your day. When your Mac is slow, try using these tips to get your computer back up to speed. You don’t have to keep your Mac running at a snail’s pace!

    For more helpful articles all about technology troubleshooting and more, visit the rest of our site.


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