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    What Do You Need To Be A Web Designer?

    Previously, web pages were made with Word, Netscape Compose, FrontPage, and other editors, which at that time was very similar to creating a text document, only that you could add links to other documents by optimizing the images. But now, to create professional web pages you have to have a broader vision. 

    Therefore, to be a web designer, it is not enough to just want to, it is necessary to have some knowledge, attitudes, and skills and in this article, we will summarize the most important things for you. Therefore, stay until the end and educate yourself if you want to be a good web designer.

    Graphic Designer Or Programmer?

    Over time, being a web designer has gone from being focused on graphic design to being more focused on programming, or at least on the design of page description languages ​​or HTML and visual formats that is CSS. You do not necessarily have to be a graphic designer or a programmer to be a web designer, but you need to have knowledge of some of the two things or both to improve both your experience and the service that you are going to provide to your clientele.

    Knowledge Of A Web Designer

    The knowledge that web designer needs to carry out his work with ease and professionalism are the following:

    • Domain of web7graphic design tools (Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, Sketch, etc.)
    • Management of color theory, typographies, classification of signs, composition issues
    • Basic concepts
    • Knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS languages.
    • Knowledge of usability principles and user-centered design
    • Knowledge of Javascript extension frameworks like jQuery, etc.

    SEO knowledge

    • Basic concepts of advertising and corporate design (brand management, trends, etc.)
    • Knowledge of Shared Hosting, FTP, cPanel and basic configuration of a cloud site.

    Skills and attitudes of a web designer

    A good web designer should have the following skills:

    • Creativity and initiative
    • Proactive learning
    • Sense of aesthetics and good taste
    • Analysis capacity
    • Constant self-criticism and acceptance of criticism
    • Ability to solve problems
    • Oral and written communications abilities
    • Research capacity
    • Skills to deal with people (ask, know)
    • Willingness to investigate and work outside of their work environment
    • Ability to work in a team with highly technical people
    • Ability to communicate concepts clearly even to people outside of the design field.
    • Organization at work and attention to detail.

    Advantages of hiring a web designer

    Having the services of a web designer is a guarantee of quality for the proper development of your website or your company or business.

    It helps your website to have its own identity, which would make it different from others.

    Apart from that, you should keep in mind that your company or business must have a responsive web design to be able to display its content in various versions (mobile, tablet).

    This figure also makes it possible for your web page to be ready and optimized in a reduced time compared to what you would do and although it seems expensive, what is expensive is often cheap because of the security and quality that the work carried out offers you, avoiding that you have to pay to fix many things in the long run.

    Although some consider it to be a very large expense that you can do without, hiring a web design professional such as https://www.fivecube.co, in the long run, is a very good and profitable investment.

    Investing time or money in digital marketing or email marketing campaigns sending the user to pages that are not convincing will harm the business. The first impression is the one that is recorded in the mind of the client or user; therefore, if the appropriate tools are used for the analysis and verification of actions such as Google Analytics or Search Console, better results are obtained

    In short, having someone in charge of these tasks makes it possible to focus on other more profitable and beneficial areas of your activity.

    Multidisciplinary teams

    A web designer can work jointly with software development teams, in a design, marketing and communication company or as a freelancer developing sites and/or web pieces for all types of communication on the internet.

    It is difficult for a single technician, no matter how professional, to be an expert in many disciplines, especially if all of them are continually renewed with new technologies, trends, and production processes. Therefore, a web design team will often consist of at least a computer programmer, a graphic designer, and an expert in SEO and online marketing.

    This professional group will provide a 360º vision that will provide each project with the necessary mix of creativity, programming and commercial approach that the company needs to develop successfully.

    The presence of such technicians ensures that no part of the process will be left limp or loose, and optimal results can be achieved as long as they work together and in tandem.

    We hope this article will be useful to you and that if you like it, you will be encouraged to learn more about it.


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