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    What are the Benefits of Using the Birth Certificate Website?

    The birth registration website is a lot more convenient as compared to going to the municipality. It reduces the travel time and has a series of systems put in place to make the process the applicant is handling, a lot easy. While there are errors that could take place when coordinating with another person, when it comes to using the website, there are systems in place to make sure this does õt happen. Additionally, there is information that they could miss when dealing with people. The website has a properly documented process of the forms that have to be filled out, for various tasks coordinated with the birth certificate website.

    The main reason for creating the birth certificate website was that people were not applying for birth certificates for their children. There are a large number of children in India who do not have their birth certificates. According to a study, one in five children did not have their birth certificates created when they were younger. Furthermore, the process does get significantly complicated and needs people to travel to the place that the person was born, if they are handling this when they are older. They would even have to get certain documents from the hospital or medical centre where the child was born. Since these factors deterred people from applying for a birth certificate, they created the website to hasten the process, allowing people to get one without too much of an inconvenience.

    Some of the tasks that the website can assist with are making changes to the birth certificate. While most people apply for this document, there are rare chances that there were errors that went unnoticed when the forms were submitted or when they were transferring the information on the certificate they were creating. Getting this information changed can be quite tedious and could need a significant amount of paperwork. Gathering the right forms and the number of other documents and certificates for this process can take time, however, if coordinated through the website, they can be downloaded in less than five minutes.

    Other stuff that the website can assist with would be getting a copy of a birth certificate. The website would ask the applicant for some more of their information. They would then receive their information online and can go through the website and download a copy of their birth certificate. Not only does this makes the process easier, but if there were no website, they would have to travel to the place where they were born, to begin the process.

    Overall birth registration are an important document needed for a series of tasks like:

    For admission to schools

    As proof of age for employment.

    For proof of age

    To establish parentage.

    To establish age for enrollment in Electoral Rolls.

    To establish an age for insurance purposes.

    For registering in National Population Register (NPR).


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