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    Ways to Make a Logo

    A logo is a visual symbol, sometimes consisting of inscriptions, sometimes figures and drawings. The purpose of the logo is to convey the brand, idea, message most clearly and ensure its integration with the idea it represents.  

    Your logo is the face of your business. Once people see your logo, they will get some idea of what kind of brand you are. Therefore, the logo should be both characteristic and describe your company. Since logo design benefits your company in many ways, logo design is a subject that needs a lot of thought and care.

    Where should we start when designing a logo? 

    As with all design processes, when designing a logo, we must start with a good idea.  

    You can also think of your logo as the heart of your brand, because your logo has a significant impact on potential customers’ decision whether to work with you or not. 

    What should be the logo? 

    It should be a work that makes sense, memorable, that can be used anywhere, that can be used for many years, whose message is clear, that can represent a concept and an idea. 

    So how are we going to do that? 

    The logo should be convenient to use on any surface you have to choose the right colors. Create your logos so that they are understandable even in very small sizes. 

    Types of logo design 

    1.  font
    2. font + symbol
    3. symbol

    Usually it’s better to just choose a font or font + icon. To follow the path only with a symbol, it is necessary to increase brand awareness, therefore, allocate very serious budgets.

    Regardless of the type of logo you decide to create, you should always try to create a logo that meets the following characteristics: 

    Uncomplicated: It is useful that you design a simple logo, not too complicated. A simple design can be considered more successful, especially when it comes to logo design. 

    Catchy: your logo is a visual representation of your company for outsiders. A good logo design should make a quick impression and be memorable. 

    Durability: A good logo must stand the test of time. To last 5, 10, 15, maybe many more years, just avoid icons and fonts that are the trend of today and may go out of fashion in the future. 

    Flexibility: the logo should not lose something in itself in various environments and applications. For example, fields of different sizes and different colors should maintain their quality.  

    Your logo is just one part of your business that needs to be consistent.

    Professional logo design will help you stand out from the crowd in a competitive market. In addition, the part that no one can copy one-on-one, even if they try to copy but retain their originality, is your logo.  

    Now you know how the logo should be designed. We understand that at the very first stage of work you do not want to create your logo for an agency with high costs. Therefore, we suggest you use our website to create a logo.

    Turbologo will help you, create logos in seconds. Here you will find many tools, for creating unique and incredibly simple logos. You can complete the whole process without any special design knowledge or any technical support.


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