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    Unlock the beauty of Singapore. Visit this vacation

    Singapore is an official republic of Singapore. It is an island city-state in Southeast Asia. This country is one of the cleanest countries in the world. There are many beautiful sights to explore. For a vacation, Singapore might be small, but it will all be worth checking out. If you are residing in Chennai then you can easily get flights from Chennai to Singapore. Also, there are direct flights from major cities of India to Singapore which you can check on the internet.

    Changi Boardwalk

    Changi Boardwalk is situated at the easternmost end of Singapore. This place offers you some mind-blowing sights. 2.2 km from it, there are some really old trees. It’s a sea face area where you can experience a great sunrise and sunset. Greenery also makes that place more beautiful.

    Mountain Faber

    This place is amazing because you will get to witness the most scenic and mind-blowing views of the Central Business District. In addition, there are some telescopes located everywhere to view the islands of the southernmost area, and this can be an exciting experience for tourists.

    Punggol Waterway Park

    It is an artificial riverside water park that runs waterways right from the center of the park. This park is very famous in Singapore because of its calm experience loved by everyone there.

    Sri Mariamman Mandir

    Singapore is the oldest place of worship for Hindus. It displays great architecture among all the South Indian worship places. This complex structure is famous for the gopuram, which is the tower in that temple. It is located right above the entrance of the temple. It owns the sculptures of many Hindu pantheons.

    Hunderson waves

    It is a part of the Southern area, a walking trail connected to many parks in the Southern end of Singapore. Flora and Fauna surround this bridge. It is the highest pedestrian bridge. It also offers the most beautiful view of the lush forest and the skyline.


    It’s a beautiful place and has been famous for its amazing architecture and huge space. This place has white plastered walls, which makes this place photogenic for Instagram-worthy snaps. Here are some restaurants and bars also where you can dine while spending time here.

    Credit: pixabay

    People’s Park Complex

    It’s an iconic symbol of Singapore. This place is famous for fashion photoshoots, music videos and many more things. This place is very famous because it offers you the most awesome experience ever. Its exterior is coated with saffron shade and intricate teal, which is an inspiration for architects worldwide. 

    Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Observation Deck

    Singapore is famous for its views. The view changes all the time when the new buildings are made. Skypark offers you the best view. You will have a unique experience visiting there. 

    Sentosa Island

    It’s a tiny island in Singapore. There are many beautiful gardens and amusement parks. The butterfly garden is a great attraction for tourists. There are also beach clubs, aquariums and ethnic villages. A great Merlion statue is the main attraction on the island.

    Singapore is an amazing island for your vacation. This place has everything from old culture to modern buildings for exploration. It offers you the beauty of nature, view and amazing experiences. This place is waiting to amaze you. So just pack your bags, visit there and unlock the beauty of Singapore.

    Have a wonderful vacation!  


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