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    Tips for Keeping an Eye on an Older Relative

    Taking care of others is something that everyone must do at some stage or another. Whether it’s young kids or older relatives, there are always going to be people in your life who need some extra attention. When living a busy lifestyle it can often be difficult to give adequate attention, sometimes even making you feel guilty.

    First of all, it’s worth understanding that you can’t be expected to give every moment of every day to someone. Especially with older relatives, it’s just impossible to give them all of your attention. But there are some ways in which you can keep a closer eye on them. Doing this can help give you peace of mind about their well-being. It will also allow you to closely monitor their health and well-being, which most people would like to do. It’s important to remember that there is no certain amount of time you are expected to devote to your elders. As much as comfortably possible is more than enough. With the help of others and the right methods, you can very easily keep an adequate eye on your older relatives. Here are some examples of how you can.

    Try Remote Working

    If you want to keep a really close eye on your relatives that are perhaps going through a rough time, you can try remote working. Should the employer you work for allow it, you could take a temporary change in working environment to stay closer to your relative. You can work from their home, given that you have the facilities you require. This allows you to be with them for huge chunks of the day. Although you will be working, you’ll still be under the same roof as them, meaning it is super easy to keep track of them. Even if you want to do your remote working from home, you should have a little more freedom than if you had to travel to your workplace. This means that you can potentially make more time for visiting your older relatives. Remote working temporarily is a great way to spend time with your older relatives in difficult periods. For those already working from home, you could try adjusting your schedule to get some more visiting hours for your relative.

    Schedule Visits

    If your older relative is a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle, you could schedule visits between you and your other family members. This means that you have a roster for checking in on your relatives. Each family member could be assigned to a day of the week, or even selected days within the month. This means that regular visits will be easy to maintain. You also won’t have to devote a ridiculous amount of time to fulfill your part, with everyone playing their part. Even if someone is unable to fulfill their scheduled visit, there is likely someone who is able to take their place. Even if they can’t, there should be enough visits throughout the month to be considered adequate.

    Move Nearer to Them

    If you want to make more regular visits to your older relatives, it could be time for a move. This is a good solution to a problem caused by travel times and distance. It can be hard enough to make time for visits without factoring in time for traveling to and from the location. Looking for a nearby residence could really save you a lot of time when it comes to visiting older relatives. It will also make it more casual, which could potentially make it more comfortable for both you and your relative. Of course, this is a big commitment, which means you should only make the move if you and the members of your household are happy to do so. As well as this, you should be mindful that finding suitable accommodation in the most convenient area could be difficult. So, it will take a lot of research and planning before you can commit to the move.

    Senior Living

    Assisted living is often overlooked when it comes to caring for your older relatives. Many people aren’t overly trusting with the staff in these retirement homes at first. But they soon get over that misperception. The staff members at these retirement homes are well qualified and will take fantastic care of your older relatives. For example, the senior living community San Jose has fantastic staff members and facilities, which will ensure that your loved one will have a comfortable and safe stay.

    Senior living provides a great opportunity for you to keep an eye on your loved ones. You can have peace of mind knowing that they are being closely monitored on a daily basis. They also provide scheduled visiting hours, meaning when you get the time, you can spend some valuable time with your relatives. You can take them out for day trips or even just enjoy their company in the senior living facility. This is one of the safest and most effective ways to take care of your elders.

    Video Calls

    Not every elderly person is tech-savvy. However, it isn’t hard to teach them how to use a laptop, and more specifically, video call. It could only take a few quick sit down lessons to teach them how to use the likes of Skype or Zoom. Once they get going, you have a really convenient way to keep in contact with them. Video calling is more effective than normal voice calls. You get to see their face, meaning you can get a better idea of how they are health wise. If your elderly relative is living on their own, it is also nice for them to be able to see another face as often as possible. The best thing about video calls is that they don’t have to be too organized. For example, you can either call whenever you get the chance, or simply get in touch asking would they be available for a video call later that day.


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