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    How To Get Real Value Out Of Product Photography?

    Running an online business is all about showcasing your products in the best possible light to distracted internet users. It’s not easy to catch their attention and retain it for long enough to convert them, which is one of the reasons why businesses plan their product pages carefully. If you want to get the most out of professional product photography, consider the points mentioned below. Submit Guest Post.

    1. Invest in Good Quality Images

    The first step in getting the most out of product photography is to invest in good-quality images. Instead of taking DIY photographs, hire a qualified professional with ample experience in the industry. Choose someone that has worked in your niche before and is familiar with your target audience. That will help ensure the images are meaningful, impactful, and have a strong brand presence.

    While professional product photographs are pricy, they offer a great deal of value. They’re informative and can influence a customer’s purchase decision more than any text description or sales pitch. That’s especially crucial for online businesses because their customers can’t see the product up close until it is delivered to them.

    1. Optimize the Images for Your Website

    Large, poorly-optimized image files can compromise your website’s overall performance and cause user experience issues in the long run. It is best to optimize the images before uploading the files. There are several tools available to compress file sizes without harming the quality of the photographs. Compressed images ensure your website pages load faster and the images are clearly visible to clients as soon as the page is loaded.

    It is also a good idea to use the best file formats for the pictures. JPEG is the ideal format for complex images like product photographs because it is particularly suitable for high compression levels. The images retain good quality even in a compressed state, which means it is a good choice for mobile use as well. You can use the PNG format if the product image has fewer color data.

    1. Upload Them to Your Social Media Profiles

    Exposure is a good way to draw attention and establish a brand presence through product images. Upload the pictures to social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Make sure the images are optimized for these platforms for the best results. A good image coupled with some witty Tweets or hashtags can help make your product more popular.

    If you have some room in your budget, hire professional product photography services for social media images as well. The photographs will be tailored according to the platform and attract more attention from your target audience.

    1. Add Good Text Descriptions

    Customers indeed pay more attention to product images than to text descriptions. However, that doesn’t mean text descriptions aren’t important or influential. The combination of a beautiful image and descriptive text can paint a vivid picture of the product in a customer’s mind.

    Hire a professional product description writer or look at how your competition writes descriptions to get an idea of what to do. A good description should provide important information to customers and help them make a purchase decision. Mention the most useful aspects of the product and throw in a couple of colorful or flowery descriptors to appeal to the target audience.

    1. Make Images More Visible on Search

    Make images more visible on search by adding proper image tags, descriptions, and metadata. For example, if you’re selling homemade low-sugar raspberry preserve, make sure the product image file name is ‘low-sugar raspberry preserve.’ You can also include a small description like ‘the image shows a 250 gram-jar full of low-sugar raspberry preserve’.

    Adding descriptive metadata can help you stand out more on search engine results pages, including the image search. The increased visibility will help the business get more leads and generate more revenue.

    1. Add More Than One Image

    Many small establishments with limited resources attempt to save money by uploading one image per product. While such an approach is more affordable, it can also be ineffective. Most customers are put off by product pages that have only one picture and will seek out alternatives. Your investment won’t generate enough interest or revenue, which will be a waste of money.

    Make sure you have at least three to five images on the page to have the best impact. More images will bring in additional revenue so you will earn your investment back in a short time.

    7.Add Images to All Public Listings

    Add images to your public listings like Google Maps, Google My Business, Yelp profile, White/Yellow Pages profile, etc. If the images are uploaded to multiple different platforms, they will be more visible and attract more attention. When people search your business name or product name, they’ll see the images on almost every link on the SERP, which will go a long way to convince them.

    You can also encourage different online publications to post your product photography along with articles or guest posts that mention the items. That will also help improve the product’s visibility significantly.

    1. Add Images to Popular eCommerce Platforms

    Take advantage of popular eCommerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or the prominent options in your industry. eCommerce platforms get more traffic than regular business websites. While these platforms are highly competitive, they also provide a great avenue to showcase your products and brand.

    Make sure the product photography complies with the eCommerce website’s guidelines. For example, Amazon has specific size, dimension, and composition requirements when it comes to product images. If you don’t follow these guidelines, the images will be rejected and won’t show up on the product pages. Experienced professionals are familiar with the most popular eCommerce websites and will make sure your photographs live up to their standards.

    Product photography is a valuable tool in any business’s arsenal. It can help you convince customers, establish a strong brand presence, highlight the product’s unique characteristics, and generate revenue. If you take full advantage of professional images, you’ll get good returns on your investment.


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