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    Here’s how a Powerful Battery in a Smartphone Increases its Demand in the Market

    The batteries that have always been used in smartphones are conventional lithium-ion batteries. These are found in most electronic devices today. With smartphone technology making rapid advancements, there has been a demand from consumers as well as brands to make advancements in the manufacturing of batteries.

    This continuous development across all segments and spaces in consumer electronics has compelled battery makers to boost their technology to keep up with the times. Offered by smartphone brands like Samsung phones under 15000 come with long-lasting batteries. Blending affordability with technological upgrades is the new mantra of the smartphone manufacturer today.


    The Asia-Pacific Region and Battery Technology

    Innovations in battery technology have seen a surge in APAC as the region constitutes developing economies like India and China. These nations have promising potential to lead the way in the market for battery technology. Additionally, these markets have peaked in the area of smartphone sales, India leading from the front. The demand for affordable phones with advanced tech specs has driven manufacturers to meet the demands of intelligent consumers who want more for their money.

    Many customers demand battery sizes of 5000mAh (at least) to 6000mAh in any new smartphone they buy. A 6000mAh battery mobile is the need of the hour for most Indian consumers, as they wish to perform several functions on their phones, with increased brightness of displays and camera usage.

    Brands and Bigger Batteries

    Although the Indian smartphone marketplace has seen new contenders, like the entry of Chinese brands Xiaomi and Oppo, Samsung has been a consistent favourite of Indian consumers. Samsung SDI, a subgroup of the Samsung set of companies is in the manufacturing business of secondary cells, as well as display panels (plasma). Since 2000, Samsung has been manufacturing Li-ion batteries, and these are in their own phones as well as their competitors’. Samsung phones under 15,000 INR offer great battery power, as well as other specs and features that draw in customers.

    Batteries and Smartphone Markets

    The smartphone industry is volatile because technology keeps evolving. Most consumers are always seeking the next best smartphone that’s on offer in the market. In addition to this, there are deals that are constantly offered to consumers, along with attractive upgrades and exchange plans. It’s no wonder that the Indian consumer is always looking for a better smartphone. The main reason for a switch (which occurs, on average, every two to three years) is the degradation of the battery of the phone. Most consumers demand that their phones are go-to devices for everything from reading the news, to listening to music.

    Many don’t just use it for the purpose of it being a phone, but for the joy that it gives them as an all-round entertainer, to watch videos, movies and text. The most important indicator of overall phone health, then, is the battery. A 6000mAh battery mobile assures you of great battery life, and perhaps your phone will last longer, given how much you use it and what for. The bigger the battery capacity, the more durable it is.

    It’s not difficult to own a phone of your choice with a large battery. Affordability will be easy for you if you avail the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card that comes with loans of up to Rs. 4 lakh. You can relax and pay later in no-cost EMIs, with flexible tenors between 3 and 24 months.


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