Power Crystal Growth Accelerator

The Crystal Growth Accelerator is a square added by Applied Energistics 2i.e ae2 crystal growth accelerator. It is utilized to quicken the development of Certus Quartz Seeds, Nether Quartz Seeds, and Flax Seeds.

How to power a crystal growth accelerator?

To quicken the development of the seeds, place the ae2 crystal growth accelerator pointing towards the square of Water containing the seeds. The crystal growth accelerator power require AE Energy to work.

Automation of minecraft crystal growth accelerator

  • You can utilize only AE2 to fabricate one. The change has been added in rv3-something IIRC.
  • You can put down a demolition plane associated with a ME Chest, which contains a designed drive. Set the drive to just aside from the developed precious stones and not the seeds. From the chest add a ME exporter back into your fundamental organization, which sends out the outcome.
  • For additional channels utilized on the principle organization, or crystal growth accelerator power,energy saved, you can utilize a ME switch producer with a creating card move up to flip the precious stone development quickening agents.


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