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    Pop Over to This Website for Information on Dog Breeds

    Dog breeds have always been regarded as man’s best friend. Since it became domesticated 20,000 years ago, this animal has proven to be a loyal and faithful companion to humans. It is therefore, no surprise to see many households owning one as a pet. You will find that there are several breeds when you decide to get one.

    Dog breeds are classifications of different types of dogs available in the world today. Some of these dogs were bred to perform specific tasks like hunting and other physical activities while some are known for their entertaining behavior. Since the early 1800s, people have been breeding dogs to serve various purposes.

    If you are looking to own a dog, you need to understand the different dog breeds available. There are about 400 dog breeds today and they come in 23 distinct types. Each breed comes with its traits and selective attributes. You can pop over to this website to learn more about each of these breeds and their traits.

    Now, let’s discuss an important question all aspiring dog owners always ask; how to choose the right breed.

    How to Choose the Right Dog Breed for You

    When we choose the right breed, we create room for happy moments in our home. There are several factors that should affect the decision of selecting a dog. Here are some of them:

    Talk to Your Family and Friends

    You will surely have friends and family members who own dogs. Ask them for advice. This does not mean that the dog breed they own will also be the right one for you, but their helpful advice can assist you in making a good choice.

    Use Online Tools

    There are several dog breeding information online. Some charities have dog suggestion tools that can be of help to you. Would you prefer a crossbreed or pedigree? You can research online on which one would fit your lifestyle and schedule better. You could also use the kennel club’s A-Z list of different breeds for selection.

    Your Family

    If you have a family, ask for their opinion before selecting a dog. If you have children, go for dogs that are children-friendly and not easily jealous. This will help you avoid any pet-related hazards.

    Also, if a family member has allergies, you need to choose from hypoallergenic breeds. These breeds shed less and don’t trigger allergy reactions in the body. To read more on hypoallergenic dogs, check here:  https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/pets/g4503/dogs-that-dont-shed/

    Your Home Size and Environment

    The size of your house matters when selecting a dog. Do you have your property or do you live in a rented house? Is the apartment small or big? If you live in a small apartment, it is not a good idea to get a big dog. Large dogs need enough space to carry out exercise and play. Some of these large breeds fall sick when they don’t exercise often. They are also prone to house accidents if your home is small.

    Your home environment can also affect dogs. Smaller dogs do not like cold temperatures while large ones do. Keeping these factors in mind will help you make the right choice.

    Activity Level

    Choose dogs that complement your activity level. A dog’s activity level differs based on its breed. Some dogs are hyperactive and are always ready to play. If you are a quiet person that doesn’t engage in adventurous activities, do not get a high-energy canine as you will not be able to meet up with your pet’s level of activity.

    Your Schedule

    Some dogs require more attention than others. If you are a busy person and rarely stay at home during the day, make sure you choose a breed that is independent and handles being left alone in the day. When you choose these pets based on schedule, you ensure that they receive the right amount of attention they require.


    You can also choose breeds based on their age. Puppies require more training and attention. At this age, dogs are fragile, inquisitive, and prone to many house accidents. Living with puppies is almost like taking care of a newborn. The good thing about owning a puppy is that it grows up to become a loyal companion of the family. They become very familiar with their household and neighborhood.

    Choosing adult dogs is also a good choice. They are already grown and so it is easy to train them. While they also require patience when training, they easily respond to this training than puppies do. If you will like to know how to train adult dogs, you can read this article.

    Medical Conditions and Illnesses

    Some dog breeds are more susceptible to certain illnesses than others. So, when considering which breed to choose, make sure you research the illnesses these pets could likely suffer from. Having foreknowledge about this will help you avoid foods or exercises that can aggravate the pet’s condition. Some of these conditions include skin problems, eye conditions, and breathing issues.

    Physical Grooming

    How a dog looks can affect its grooming. Some of these pets need more grooming due to their hair coat. Short-haired dogs shed more than long-haired ones. If your pet’s hair keeps growing, it needs to be taken to the groomer every month.

    Dogs that have floppy ears are susceptible to ear problems so they require thorough cleaning of the ears. Also, certain breeds drool a lot making a mess of their furs. If you don’t want your house to be filled with saliva, you can tie a cloth on their neck or do not bother choosing such breeds.


    As stated earlier, choosing the right dog breed can affect you and the pet’s happiness. So, before getting or adopting one, make sure you consider the important factors like the ones mentioned above in your decision-making.


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