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    Polarized Lenses Know The Advantages

    Polarized Lenses are one of the most demanded trends today, not only because of their modern and current design, but also because of the great advantages and utilities that they bring you. The characteristics of these polarized lenses make them ideal for everyday use. Before I start to tell you what the advantages of polarized designer eyewear are, do you know what polarization is or what is it used for?

    What Is Polarizing In Glasses?

    When we talk about polarized glasses, most of the time we do not know what we mean or what polarization means. When the sunlight is projected on a horizontal surface it bounces and is said to be polarized, that is, these vibrations cause the light to be reflected and it can be so bright and annoying for the eyes that with the passage of time it can cause greater problems.

    Hence the importance of wearing glasses whose lenses are polarized. These glasses have special lenses that only allow light that is beneficial to our eyesight to pass through, preventing reflections that damage our eyesight from passing through them.

    On many occasions doubts arise about the use of this type of glasses, however, the use of these glasses does not pose any harm to your health; on the contrary there are more advantages than disadvantages. Would you like to know them?

    5 Advantages Of Polarized Sunglasses

    There are many advantages that polarized sunglasses give you, especially if you use them to drive or simply in your day-to-day life. Today from bysharidionne.com we tell you what are some of the advantages that these polarized sunglasses present:

    • Glare-free vision, superior sharpness and contrast; prevent reflected rays from damaging your vision. On some surfaces such as water where the sun’s reflection can be more annoying, they allow us to see more of it and be able to see the bottom. So they are ideal for fishing.
    • Total protection against UV rays, thanks to the different filters of these polarized lenses, vision is completely protected by preventing UV rays from damaging sight.
    • The colors are more natural, although it seems strange to us the first times we use them we notice that the colors look different.
    • In driving, there are many advantages that these polarized sunglasses have, such as reducing eye fatigue and improving concentration while driving.
    • On the other hand, they are light and resistant glasses that provide more comfort and safety, and protect the vision of those people who are more sensitive to light.

    There are more advantages than disadvantages that these polarized glasses can bring you, however, you do have to know, such as that some glasses are not compatible so that polarized lenses adapt to them. Another major drawback is that in some devices we do not see the image well, especially in devices with LCD screens.

    Despite that, it is essential to bet on good polarized glasses and what better way to do it than in our online store you can find designer eyewear by visiting bysharidionne.com.


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