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    N95 vs. KN95 vs. KF94 Masks: Differences and Uses

    It’s been a year, we all were wearing a mask, something which we never imagined in our life. At high-risk health care professionals also recommend us to wear two masks at a time. As cases are increasing, we need more high-quality masks.

    We are aware of the fact that all masks are not good or provide high-quality protection. There is alot of difference between medical masks and fabric masks. As a pandemic trigger, the medical mask’s demand is also increasing because fabric mask does not give the high protection.

    This article is about the difference between the three protective masks N95 and KN95, and KF94. To make purchasing easy and effective.

    KN95 Mask:

    Key Features:

    • 95% Filter aerosol particles.
    • Not approved from NIOSH ( National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health )
    • KN95 was designed for Industrial purposes. In covid, it can use for a moderate risk environment. Ignore wearing in hospitals.
    • It consists of Earloop, a foldable shape, and a tight fit.

    KN95 Mask is equivalent to N95, but it is a Chinese analogous of N95 mask.

    It shapes castlelike. It generates a gap between nose and fabric, which many people like. It makes breathing more manageable, less disruptive.

    As they don’t meet the standards of U.S government, it is not approved for medical use. And it is not considered as an effective protective mask as the N95 mask is. Later, Food Drug and Preservatives approves for general purpose and medical purpose where the risk factor is not much.

     It is listed above as a cloth mask and surgical mask in the ranking of the mask.

    N95 Masks:

    Key Features :

    • 95% Filter aerosol particles.
    • Approved from NIOSH ( National Institute of Occupation Safety and Health )
    • N95 can be more useful for health care professionals. It willl protect them from high-risk.
    • It consists of Earloop, an adjustable metal nose clip, cup-shaped.

    N95 is famous for its long back. In this pandemic situation, N95 masks are in high demand due to their quality and protection level.

    Its manufacturing process is well suited for the coronavirus. It is a tight fit to face and filter the particles effectively.

    N95 filters 0.3, micron particles but SARS Covid particles are less than 0.1 microns in sizes. Virus particles always bind with large particles like droplets and other particles; then it causes infection to others.

    N95 masks go under so many tests, and other approving factors after all the test National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health approved the N95 mask for Medical purposes. American Medical Association Calls the N95 mask ” The Milestone from transmission of airborne particles.”

    These masks are in shortage because of high demand. Everyone is using N95, so later the government preserved N95 masks for Health care professionals only. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention strictly recommends ordinary people wear the surgical mask and fabric mask, and the N95 should be preserved for medical use.

    KF94 Masks :

    Key Features :

    • 94% filter aerosol particles.
    • Not approved from NIOSH ( National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health )
    • KF94 can wear in a moderate or low-risk environment. Like the mall, grocery stores.
    • It consists of an Ear-loop, Adjustable Nose Clip, and flaps for a tight fit.

    The KF stands for ” korean filter” in KF94. and 94 stands for its filter efficiency. It filters 94% of toxins particles present in the environment.

    The South Korean government approves that it can filter out down to .3micron particles from the environment. .

    In August 2020, the Researcher said KF94 masks are as effective as an N95 mask. Filter efficiency of KF94 is as effective as N95. The same problem is with the Kf94 mask-like KN95. It does not meet the standards of the U.S.A; the same KF94 does not meet. It is still not approved by the Food drug administration for health care use.

    KF94 masks are better than fabric masks and surgical masks.

    Conclusion :

    In this challenging condition, wearing a mask is the only solution left for us. Everyone should be responsible for their lives and should aware also. So the main precaution for this novel coronavirus is to Maintain social distance, wear gloves, wash your hands frequently, wear the mask. Ignore crowd places. If you can not wash your hands, then sanitize your hands whenever you eat something.

    As discussed above, you can choose your mask according to your needs and availability. Before buying, see the product and their number and other details, then buy any mask. Check whether your mask is authorized or not. You can also google the number of the mask and get to know all the mask details. When shopping online, it isn’t easy to find a counterfeit mask. Read the description easily.

    Choose your masks wisely!


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