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    How interesting is the universe of constant hunting, where every day, in an unequal battle, monsters, and hunters who defy a logical explanation of their physiology, monsters, and hunters, people, and not only, who laid down their lives to hunting down, prepare and fight with superior opponents? Almost nothing is known about them, as, in fact, about the world around them. Wandering through the expanses of the new world, a bunch of questions pops up in my head.

    Study group

    The study group is an organization tasked with exploring the new world. It consists of hunters, scientists, engineers who pass entrance tests before becoming members. It was created by a guild of hunters to explore the new world and the abnormally frequent migration of older dragons. Previously, this happened once a century, now a similar phenomenon occurs almost every ten years. The location of the commission in the new world was asters, familiar to all fans of monster hunter world.

    Monster hunter

    Every ten years, when a new elder dragon migrates to a new world, a fleet follows him to help the research commission and replenish the ranks of hunters who do not get younger and still have to be replaced by newcomers over the years. Since the sea and the world itself are very insidious, it is not always possible to return and the hunters are already acquiring families here, giving birth to children, from which a new generation of warriors grows up.

    Forty years ago, the first fleet arrived on the shores of the new world, the sea was restless and the ship crashed on the rocks. Attempts to move and restore it were unsuccessful, leading to the decision to base themselves directly on its remains. For the first ten years, almost no research was carried out, because the team had to somehow exist in unknown lands, surrounded by a huge number of monsters. Among them, there were only two technicians who could not cope with providing the necessary conditions for life and therefore asked to send more engineers with the second fleet, at least three for every two hunters. This happened, and the second fleet was already mostly made up of technicians, and most of the hunters returned.

    Fleet flags

    The third fleet was almost 90% scientists and most of them settled not in asters, but on a research base, which is a ship with a balloon, which unfortunately crashed and is now located in a large gorge, not far from the coral highlands.

    As the size of the settlement increased, many factors need to be regulated and controlled, so the fourth fleet consisted of a cadre with management and logistics skills. They were able to establish a competent infrastructure and ensure the consistency of operations.

    Well, the last after arrived the fifth fleet, consisting mainly of hunters. And they have every chance to deal with the source of the problem because, unlike the previous ones, they arrived at an already formed base with well-functioning interaction of all its cells.

    Elder dragon watch group

    The elder dragon watch group is an organization that, as the name implies, specializes in searching for signs of the presence of elder dragons as well as themselves, and it is located in. Despite their name, they are engaged in the study of other varieties of monsters, for which they actively use airships. Also on the list of their tasks is the deciphering of the scrolls left by the ancient civilization to provide hunters with information about rare species of fauna and elder dragons.

    One of the most important tasks of the observation team is to determine the next attack of the elder dragon. Based on some natural phenomena, they can predict the place of their next appearance, but these predictions are not always true. Sometimes anomalous changes are simply the order of the day in certain types of terrain. When the group receives information about climate change, they send out hunters to make sure it’s ancient or not.

    If the information is confirmed, they notify nearby regions of a possible attack so that they can evacuate promptly when it happens. Previously, this was done by the, who kept to themselves and did not share information with others, but then joined with the observation group for the common good. The group also includes royal scribes – paleontologists.

    Royal scribes are paleontologists

    This organization is engaged in the observation and study of the ecology of various types of monsters from harmless herbivores to dangerous carnivores. All collected information is passed on to the elder dragon monitoring group, who in turn process this information and form it into journals and encyclopedias for hunters. Researchers resort to their services quite often, since their work takes place in the halo of the immediate habitat of the species of interest to them, which can be quite dangerous.

    Hunter’s guild

    And finally, let’s talk about the most famous organization in the monster hunter universe, the hunter’s guild, which is the central guiding force. The headquarters of the guild is located in the city and all orders are given from there. In the cities of the controlled areas, there are also branches of the games like บาคาร่า, and in small villages, there is usually at least one of its representatives. Its main goal is to prevent negative impacts on the ecosystem and prevent the extinction of existing species.

    They are trying to build a normal coexistence between man and nature, which was many years ago. Their emblem consists of four parts, which are the symbols that the guild stands for. The top one means “respect for nature”, the left one “life in connection with it”, the right one “prosperity through nature”, and the bottom one”


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