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    Meaning, Purpose and Benefits of installing App Sealing

    Today the major issue that people are facing is the protection and authenticity of the data that is fed in the mobile apps or any software for that matter. Hacking has increased in huge numbers are they are the technological experts that take advantage of the vulnerability of the software and make an unauthorized entry in the software or the data of any organization in order to make the file corrupt or provide disruption of the data. It is also done as a means of tampering with the records of the organization or gaining any of the information that is not available to the general public. By accessing that secured information they can hamper the security aspect of the organization and take a benefit out of it. An app can become popular and the download of app will swell only if the security to the data of the individuals is provided. Security aspect and unauthorized access of the application and the data that is stored inside is required to be protected at all costs.

    Appsealing provides the protection inside the app itself. It is a patented solution to add a considerable amount of security to the android phones or apple phones that have an android and ios respectively. This appsealing helps in providing security in minutes without any need of the coding. It is an inexpensive method of attaining the security of the applications without the need of any coding. The companies sometimes employ many software experts or IT experts that have mastered the arena of coding. It is actually very brainstorming activity and consumes a lot of time and energy. But on the other hand appsealing provides an inbuilt security to the application that is installed in the mobile. The main and the most major feature of this appsealing is that it does not require any coding.

    There are ways in which one can know if the mobile application in their mobile is secure. There are certain number of steps that are involved in which one has to open the Google play store on the phone and then click on menu and there will be an option called status, that option will help us in knowing the status of the mobile and the percentage of protection and security that is there in the mobile. This also helps in the encryption of data that is fed or stored in the mobile app. It helps in protecting the authenticity of the data and avoiding any unauthorized access to the phone by any foreign party or any hacker. Ethical hacking has also come in to picture and they are an enemy to the hacking community. There are certain advantages of appsealing that can be explained as follows: –

    • It helps in providing protection, security and authenticity of data.
    • It helps in saving the integrity of the data.
    • There is no need of coding in order to protect the data.
    • This is comparatively an inexpensive way of protection of data.
    • It provides in-built security

    So the list is not exhaustive and one can know the advantages of appsealing in mobile phones.


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