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    Magento Integration With Epicor ERP

    Brief History & Introduction of Epicor

    Epicor ERP was created from an existing codebase designed especially for Microsoft Windows. It was in the mid-90s a company known as DCD Corporation developed the codebase which would later become Epicor ERP. After a series of mergers and acquisitions, (DCD was acquired by DataWorks and later merged with Platinum Software) the company Epicor was founded. Epicor catered to retailer and distribution, while focusing on industry-specific expertise and vertical requirements.

    After the launch of Epicor 9 in 2008, each subsequent version has added features enhancements and enhancements. Epicor 9.05, Epicor 10.0, Epicor 10.1, and Epicor 10.2 have been created to meet the requirements for the needs of your Magento store.

    Do I have to connect Epicor with my Magento Store?

    Simply saying linking the data of your Magento 2 store to Epicor’s ERP will streamline all processes by sharing and updating the entire data. It will allow you to streamline every aspect of your online business, from orders and inventory, to product information and even payments.

    A few benefits of Integrating Epicor with Magento 2.

    • Reduce the requirement to manually enter data.
    • Up-to-date and accurate information is shared among customers’ accounts, orders warehouse inventory, customer accounts and billing.
    • Track production and inventory as also the quotes of customers and staff.
    • Make custom rules and reports using Epicor ERP Integration with Magento, allowing you to expand your online store or business.

    Need help integrating your ERP system and Magento 2 Store?

    DotComWeavers‘s team can assist you in integrating Epicor the Epicor with Your Magento store. We’ll connect your ERP to the backend of your store and make sure that all information is properly transferred. We will be able to answer any questions you might have throughout the process!


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