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    Increase your Visibility on the Internet | 5 things to do

    Increasing your visibility on the internet is the goal of tomorrow’s bloggers, entrepreneurs and web-entrepreneurs. You have understood the importance of the visibility of an online business, and you are wondering how to boost your notoriety on the web? If you are just starting out, I bet this question burns your lips. Do not panic! You will quickly understand how to properly reference your site on Google thanks to these 5 actions to put in place now!

    1. Create your blog to increase your notoriety on the web

    Integrating SEO into your digital strategy

    What good is a blog if no one can find it? If you did not know it yet, writing articles regularly is essential to reference your site (and make it visible to Internet users!). This indicates to Google that your blog is active and allows it to position your articles. The search engine indexes your pages according to the added value you offer and the structure of your writing. Yes, when you know that 20 billion sites are visited every day, you have to bet on SEO (Search Engine Optimization – search engine optimization) to stand out! It’s difficult, but far from impossible.

    Choose the most suitable CMS

    Looking for an easy-to-install content management system to build your blog? WordPress is ideal when you want to have a site without going through a developer or spending a fortune. If 30% of websites are made on WP, it’s not for nothing! The CMS offers the possibility of hosting a blog easily and thus being able to increase its visibility on Google. The extensions offered by wordpress.org are numerous and allow you to configure everything to create a tailor-made site. The Internet is full of free tutorials to get started with this system and launch your first blog. We still advise you to stay in touch with a developer just in case! But if you already have your online store on Prestation or Shopify, don’t worry! You can add a module to include a blog part.

    Use a “Swiss army knife” web editor to optimize your blog articles

    Maybe you’re interested in blogging, but you don’t understand the mechanics of SEO. The advantage of delegating the writing part to a web professional is that he will be able to implement your SEO strategy over the long term. This will allow you to increase your visibility on the internet. Appearing on the first page of search engines helps to make yourself known, doesn’t it? The SEO web editor is able to:

    • write articles or pages optimized for natural referencing;
    • carry out an SEO audit of the editorial content of your site;
    • integrate articles directly into the CMS;
    • search for royalty-free images and optimize them;
    • etc.

    You can go to the best ghost writers platforms, like Text Broker or 5euros, or freelancing sites, like Malt or Fiverr. But to find the rare pearl, call on an editor from the La Redact du Web team.

    2. Publish on social networks to make your business visible on the internet

    Register on traditional social networks

    Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or even Snapchat, these social networks are now at the center of our personal and professional lives. First ask yourself the following question: is my audience present on this social network? If the answer is yes, do not hesitate! Automatically create an account on these platforms.

    If you are wondering how to make your business visible on the internet, work on your ecosystem! This will indicate to search engines that you are active and present! Publishing good content is the best way to stand out and increase your notoriety on the web.

    Use the professional social network LinkedIn

    Ideal for developing your professional network, the platform promotes exchanges in B2B (Business to Business), that is to say between companies. The reach of the publications is particularly large on LinkedIn (practical to increase its visibility on the internet! ;-)). It works like other social networks, except that relations are more cordial and the tone more professional. Even if you’re not a fan of LinkedIn (you can’t be everywhere at once!), having at least an up-to-date profile will increase the chances that a client or a future relationship will find you. Take the time to take care of your biography which will present your company and clearly describe your products and services in order to create an optimized account. If you don’t publish content yourself, you can share relevant publications related to your field of activity.

    3. Develop your presence on the various search engines

    Register on the Pinterest website

    To increase the visibility of your blog, it is important to diversify your traffic sources. In other words, it is useful to position yourself on other search engines, like Pinterest! This platform is very visual and allows you to find inspiration. It is therefore more favorable for certain areas such as decoration or fashion. To encourage the user to click on your link, bet on beautiful and bright images! To create them easily, you can go to the Canva site (the free version is more than enough to create attractive visuals). Using Pinterest can lead to a real increase in traffic on your blog, it would be a shame to deprive yourself of it ;-).

    Film YouTube videos to increase your traffic

    Like social networks, YouTube is increasingly used: the search engine has 46 million visitors per month in France! Enough to make you want to position yourself there to gain visibility on the internet. In addition, Internet users consult videos as much as articles when they search for information on Google. The goal is not to make a million views, but rather to be well placed on the key queries of your niche and above all to have commitment. Yes, your target audience must be able to find you! Thanks to our powerful and multifunctional smartphones, it is now easy to get started on YouTube. Dealing with subjects directly related to your theme in videos will establish your notoriety and your credibility.

    4. List your business on Google My Business to increase your visibility on the internet

    Google My Business is a free and useful service if you want to develop your Novel Ghostwriting Services visibility without creating a website or using paid services. This visibility tool for businesses promotes your appearance in local searches. When a user types in his search bar “restaurant Paris”, Google My Business accounts will appear at the top of the first page of results accompanied by a map on Google Maps.

    This card, automatically inserted when registering for this online service, will allow you to promote your business on Google. In the event of a change, you will have the possibility of modifying your schedules or of communicating with Internet users (very useful to warn your potential customers when you go on vacation!). You can for example:

    • change your presentation;
    • add a list of products and services with prices;
    • insert short articles;
    • introduce your team;
    • etc.

    This tool is particularly effective for reaching prospects in your catchment area. And if you have positive reviews, maybe you’ll even convince potential customers to come and see you!

    5. Use tricks to improve your virality

    Focus on influencer marketing

    Influencer marketing is a strategy that relies on the notoriety of influencers to promote a brand and make Internet users want to buy its products. If you collaborate with one or more of these personalities, they will be responsible for promoting the goods and services of your company. They create content for this that they publish on social networks such as photographs, stories or texts. This trick is proving to be extremely effective in making your business known quickly and increasing your number of subscribers!

    Create contests

    Today, making yourself known on the internet is not easy. But some punch actions can make the difference. Contests are very popular to get noticed on Instagram and other social networks. Indeed, participating in this type of activity usually involves subscribing to the source profile and then liking and sharing the post. These actions bring (very) great visibility to those who launch the game. And then when we take part in them, we remain on standby to know the results, right? As people return to the account, it grows exponentially!

    What you must remember

    You have understood it, to increase its visibility on the internet, the best solution and to optimize its entire ecosystem! For this, nothing better than to publish on social networks and to call on a team of SEO web editors to feed and reference your blog. We also advise you to maintain an online presence at the local level if you have a well-defined catchment area. Don’t forget to use influencer marketing to increase your notoriety on the web.


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