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    How to Use the Organic Body Wash?

    The Organic Body wash is one of the best choices to pamper your skin in the shower or bath. There are numerous reasons to use the best organic mesmerizing Oudh bath body wash.

    In India, Oudh is termed as “liquid gold”.

    Most of the body washes have a smooth and silky texture but they are full of chemicals, sulfates but we need to choose those body gels that have no effects on our skin.

    Select a deep nourishing shower gel that is composed of natural ingredients, contains extracts of essential oils and no fragrance or parabens and, sulfates. You may then apply the coin size amount of liquid gel to your body so that your body gets cleansed.

    Remember always moisturize your skin after you use body wash so that your skin stays soft and hydrated.

    Step-1 selection of body wash

    best organic mesmerizing Oudh bath body wash
    best organic mesmerizing Oudh bath body wash
    1. a) Look for a body wash that contains hydrating nutrients-Check the list of ingredients on the label of the body washes for hydrating oils like coconut oil or argan oil. Getting a shower gel with hydrating nutrients will ensure that your skin remains soft, supple and, deeply nourished.

    Avoid body washes that contain chemicals, preservatives and, gluten.

    1. b) Get a body wash that is fragrance- free and sulfate free-Most of the body gels contains fragrance that can make our skin dry or even irritated. The added fragrance can disturb the natural ph. balance of the skin.
    2. c) Don’t use the body gels that lather or foams a lot.-Try using only those body washes that lather a little bit. Avoid using those body washes when mixed with water lather a lot. This can remove all necessary skin essentials from your skin.

    Step 2- Applying the wash on your body.

    1. Use a small amount of solution in the shower-Squeeze a coin size amount of body wash. Avoid using too much quantity of body wash, as it can dry your skin and make the skin look rough and flaky. Always take a warm shower when you use the shower gel on your body. This will clean your entire body.
    2. Body wash should be applied using a washcloth-Always use a washcloth for applying body wash on your body from head to toe. Gently rub the washcloth on your body so that all the dead skin cells can be removed and this will clean your skin.

    -Don’t apply the shower gel on your entire body with your hands. Use a washcloth for this whole process.

    -Sanitize the washcloth on daily basis to prevent skin disorders like the accumulation of germs and viruses.

    -Every week the washcloth needs to be replaced.

    -Try avoiding the usage of loofah as it an active bacteria and germs. It can also develop the chances of infection of acne on the skin.

    1. c) Never apply body wash on your face-Body wash is made for usage on the body. Use a facial cleanser for your face, not the body wash. Applying the body wash on your face can increase the chance of face allergies.
    2. d) Rinse your body with warm water-Once the body gel is applied to your body, and then rinse your body with the warm water. Warm water will remove body solution from the body. If any residue is left on the skin, then the skin will feel irritated and dried.
    3. e) Dry your body-Always use a clean and soft towel on the body. Do not rub the towel hard on your body, as your skin will feel irritated.

    Step-3 Maintain a good body wash regime

    1. Apply body moisturizer after using the body wash- Keeping your skin moisturized as soon as you come out of the shower. The moisturizer you use should have organic ingredients like Shea butter and virgin coconut oil that deeply rejuvenates your skin.
    2. Switch to soft and gentle body wash if the body washes you are using is currently making your skin dry, irritated and, flaky.
    3. Speak to the dermatologist if you’re developing skin issues-If your skin has become dry, irritated due to the body wash then consult a dermatologist, Dermatologist will give you a prescribed soap or prescription to check on your skincare problems.

    Prefer using the natural mesmerizing Oudh bath body washand shower gel for your skincare regime as it is one of the most expensive fragrances and essential oil available in the market with unlimited medicinal properties.


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