How To Manage Screen Time For Kids During Pandemic

A survey happened in August to know what parents in the United States think of the increased screen time for kids since the pandemic started.

The survey finds out that 70% of the respondents believe that they wish they knew more ways to monitor the screen time of their children. Not only this but, 69% of parents confessed that children’s screen time has significantly heightened during the pandemic.

This is also because parents became obliged to allow their children excess screen time. Even according to a survey, 30% of the parents have even purchased a device for their child due to online education during a pandemic.

Apart from online education, the pandemic has left kids with limited entertainment. They have only cable TV entertainment or internet-based devices to reach out to. However, if you have cable TV entertainment with providers like Spectrum Silver, it can help parents take control of the content their kids are watching. This is because Tv internet bundles allows you to customize your package per your demand. This means that you can add only the kid-friendly channels to your subscription.

This will help you not wasting your time monitoring your kid’s watch time on cable TV.

Here are a few more tips to manage your kid’s screen time during the pandemic:

Find the Silver Lining

You should remember the time we are living in is tough for all. Even your kids are depending on a lot of things now that you might have not approved of in the normal days. So, instead of blaming your kids, you should understand that you are in this situation together.

Therefore, instead of wasting your energy on unnecessary debate, you should invest your time into creating new rituals for your family. The situation includes reminders of how to celebrate this current time as a family, living together.

Create Screen-free Zones

Another family ritual should include not using devices at a certain time of the day. For once, when you all are at the dinner table, make sure that your kids are to using their devices.

To make that happen you have to keep up both the practice as well.

Firstly, show them how you are managing to keep your smartphone away at the time of dinner.

Later encourage them to do the same.

Indulge in some healthy conversation that makes it inevitable for them to reach out to their devices at certain times.

Involve Physical Activities

In these tiring days, it hard to let go of your smartphone and devices, as they are the only escape from an utter boring day at home.

However, if you think that your kids have become lazy because of excess mobile usage and no stepping out of the home due to the pandemic restrictions. Then you should come up with some interesting physical activities to keep them moving and away from their devices.

For instance, you can take your kids out for a quick walk on the street. Other than this, you can play different games in the house. Just make sure whatever you do, you do not neglect following the pandemic guidelines.

Make a Schedule

If your kids have a whole schedule fixed to attend their classes online, then your work is made easy. All you need to do is create a schedule for the time when they will not be taking classes on their devices online.

Make sure that your kids have less time on their phones after their classes and more in their house doing some productive work.

Make sure you have a scrabble game going on that can keep kids focused on the board game rather than finding its version online.

Just Do your Best

Do not stress over the high usage of devices from kids. You should know that your kid is also in need of entertainment as you.

You should know that this current situation is as new to your kids as it for you, so let them understand it first, and allow them to bend down in the current world in their way.

Once they are comfortable with the situation, then, you can introduce your rituals and mend their way into your way.


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