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    How to Get More Product Reviews using WhatsApp Marketing?

    One of the best things about having a closer relationship with your consumers is that you can increase the amount of involvement and participation. By actively involving your consumers in the design and development of your product or service, you can easily deepen your relationship while also learning a lot of useful information. 

    Of course, the fact that the app supports a wide range of media is also appealing. This means that, in addition to text, you may give outstanding customer service by using audio, video, or even a fast phone contact. This lead magnet is the best Bulk WhatsApp Software in India and you can try it out for Free Download today.

    WhatsApp Business can be a cost-effective and quick approach to conduct research and solicit feedback from customers. 

    • Are your unsure what flavors to include in your store? Request that your customer chooses from a variety of possibilities. 
    • Do you want to discover which feature of your startup you should focus on next? Inquire of your clients.

    Rather than having to call each individual consumer or send an email in the hopes that they will read it, you may develop questions for each divided group. Participation from customers is usually a good method to gather meaningful responses for your business. WhatsApp Business allows you to conduct marketing research swiftly and efficiently, and its WhatsApp Marketing Tool is completely free!

    5 Steps WhatsApp Can Help You Get Positive Reviews 

    Face your Customers – One on One

    WhatsApp business messages are delivered directly to your customers’ chat boxes; the platform does not yet have a spam or marketing category. Given that users spend an average of 28 minutes per day on the app, direct delivery to the inbox has been shown to increase campaign engagement by 98 percent. 

    As a result, when compared to other channels such as social media, email, and SMS, your deals and discounts are more likely to be seen when offered through WhatsApp for Business. If you plan a smart engagement strategy, this will also help you stay on top of your customers’ minds.

    WhatsApp allows you to engage with your consumers and potential purchasers in a direct, one-on-one manner. You can take advantage of this opportunity to learn about a customer’s preferences and assist them in finding products that are relevant to their interests. It also creates a channel for providing assistance in making well-informed purchases, similar to in-store shopping with a salesman at your side.  As a result, organizations may provide a better customer experience, resulting in increased conversion and retention rates.

    Active Customer Support 

    According to studies, 86 percent of customers are willing to spend more for businesses that provide excellent customer service. However, most organizations use a reactive approach to customer service, responding to customers within 24 hours. However, in this age of instant satisfaction, proactive support for online buyers has become essential. 

    You may use WhatsApp for Business to create automation that responds to frequent customer questions without the need for human participation. For example, order status updates, exchange links, returns and refund rules, and even sizing instructions for certain products are all available. Proactive customer service before, during, and after a transaction improves a customer’s experience, resulting in more repeat purchases and unlimited upsell and cross-sell chances.

    Improvise post-purchase experience 

    Consumers expect to be looked after, and this includes after they’ve made a purchase. You may automate campaigns that are focused on knowing how they feel about connecting with your business using the WhatsApp Business Platform. 

    You can utilize WhatsApp marketing campaigns to collect consumer feedback, product reviews, and ratings from their shopping experience until the point of delivery and the goods they purchased. Consumers spend 57 percent more on firms that actually care about their experience and preferences, according to studies.


    We understand that sending messages to people one by one can get daunting. Especially, if you deal with large orders. Here is where you can use an automation plugin that can single-handedly take care of this endeavor – Whatso abandoned cart recovery plugin. 

    According to research undertaken by a renowned firm, 70% of customers who abandon their shopping basket do so because they have decided not to buy. As a result, 70% of your website visitors are unlikely to complete a purchase. However, it also means that roughly 30% of visitors got sidetracked during a purchase and didn’t finish the transaction on your website.

    Whatso WooCommerce cart Abandoned recovery plugin will send a WhatsApp message to these users reminding them to return to your store and complete the order payment. This plugin can significantly increase your revenue and assist you in converting those clients who were on the point of making a purchase but were diverted due to factors such as a lost payment card, a downed internet connection, or a knock at the door.



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