Makeup And Jewelry
Makeup And Jewelry

Makeup and jewelry are the final touches that serve to pull your complete outfit together. Both may bring attention to a specific region or accentuate your greatest feature, as well as offer intrigue and flair to an ensemble. What happens when you combine your cosmetics with jewelry?

Matching jewelry and cosmetics may work genuine style magic, allowing you to stand out from the crowd and flaunt what makes you, you. Here are some pointers on how to match your makeup and jewelry so you can look and feel your best.

Consider Going Beyond Color

While coordinating your jewelry and cosmetics with color is lovely, you may also try matching them in other ways. For example, highlighting jewelry features with cosmetics is always fashionable. Wear a statement necklace with a lot of sparkles, and add a lot of sparkle to your cheeks with highlighter or glitter to your eyes with eyeshadow or eyeliner. If you’re wearing a piece of ocean-themed jewelry, incorporate touches of the water into your makeup with faint blue eyeliner and mermaid-Esque pink lips.

Makeup Can Be Used To Draw Attention To Jewelry Details.

Another approach to showcase your accessories and liven up your appearance is to coordinate your makeup with your jewelry. If you’re wearing jewelry with a certain colored element that you want to highlight, you may accomplish so by wearing makeup that reflects that specific hue. As an example, suppose you’re wearing hoop earrings with attractive glittering details. You may emphasize that little accessory by putting white makeup and then sprinkling silver glitter on top to match the two. You might also experiment with sparkly eyeshadow.

Color Wheel Inspiration

Remember the color wheel from art class in elementary school? This tool isn’t only for kids’ watercolor drawings; it can also help you properly match your cosmetics and jewelry.

When it comes to matching jewelry and cosmetics, you don’t necessarily want to think in terms of an exact match. Blue earrings and faint blue makeup are obvious choices, but consider complementary contrast, as seen on the color wheel. Complementary colors are exactly across from one another on the color wheel, such as yellow and purple and red and green. This contrast may appear too stark, yet it works. For example, if you’re wearing pristine, white pearls, combine them with a dark eyeshadow since white and black complement each other.

Consider The Undertones.

As a general rule, skin undertones fall into three categories: neutral, warm, and cool. When combining cosmetics and jewelry, keep your undertone in mind to ensure your look is cohesive and does not conflict with your skin tone.

Cool metals, such as silver, white gold, and platinum, complement cool skin. Cool metals complement cosmetics with cool undertones, such as rose pink, baby blue, or pastel green. Metals like bronze, copper, and gold, as well as earthy, warm makeup hues like mocha, camel, olive, and bronze, look great with warm skin undertones. Experiment with different undertone pairings to find the metal and color combination that complements your skin the best.

Consider The Finishes

The second tip on our list is to match the texture of your makeup to the texture of the jewelry you’re wearing. The key here is to highlight either your jewelry or your cosmetics rather than allowing them to compete. As an example, suppose you’re wearing matte jewelry. Matte finish is a non-reflective finish, which means it is understated, and it is ideal for more attention-grabbing makeup looks, such as strong lips or dark eyeshadows, but it can also look fantastic on simple, neutral makeup looks. At this point having wholesale fabulous eyelashes ¬†stock in a neutral black shade will come in handy for this look.Sparkly, bright, sparkling jewelry, on the other hand, will need a subdued, matte makeup look.

If you’re wearing silver earrings and a silver necklace with intricacy, it’s ideal to allow your jewelry to do the talking. Stick to neutral, earthy tones and allow the jewels to take center stage instead of overpowering it with strong lips and eyeshadows. To liven up your makeup appearance, choose colors that are several tones deeper than your skin tone and a touch of highlighter.

Tread Carefully.

The accessories and makeup you pick may either enhance or detract from your appearance. When deciding what to wear, take into account the color, scale, and style of your jewelry.

Wearing black, white, or a neutral hue, together with any color of accessory or jewelry, may make an ensemble seem cohesive and beautiful. When your clothing is all about the color and/or pattern, though, you don’t want your makeup or jewelry to clash.

If your dress is dazzling and short, go for a higher neckline and skip the necklace in favor of a set of earrings that complement your eyeshadow and lipstick. You don’t want to overcomplicate your style, so stick to basic jewelry.¬†

When you want to draw attention to your waist, choose a jeweled belt that draws it in. A beaded choker or metal necklace with beads or stones is ideal for the little black dress if you have a long neck with a tight chin.

If you dont have any of the pieces that will perfectly suit your look, dont sweat it, just shop online and air ship it to your location.


Jewelry and cosmetics are no longer regarded two distinct realms. Nowadays, the emphasis is on a flawlessly blended appearance, with cosmetics and jewelry perfectly timed and integrated to give a feeling of continuity and coherence. You will always look polished, elegant, and put-together if you follow these four tips on how to achieve a complementary look.


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