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    How to choose the right Kids Steamer Wetsuit?

    It is possible that selecting the appropriate steamer wetsuit for your child will be a difficult process. In order to shield your children from the cold of the water, you will need to find a wetsuit that is appropriate for the conditions that they will be exposed to as well as the temperature range. At NeoWetSuit, you can get a large variety of men, women, and kids steamer wetsuits. This article is going to make the process of purchasing kids steamer wetsuits very simple and easy for the parents.

    What to look for when buying kids steamer wetsuits?

    The kids steamer wetsuit that you are going to purchase has at least one of each of the following layers, regardless of the type or size you choose:

    Neoprene will not irritate the body if it is covered with a layer of nylon or another kind of comfortable fabric. If you want your kid to be even more comfortable while he is in the water, you might consider purchasing a separate rash vest for him that offers additional insulation and keeps the neoprene away from him.

    A very thin coating of a material that is capable of reflecting heat, such as magnesium, aluminum, titanium, copper, or silver. This will result in the heat being returned to the body when it is expelled into the more frigid water.

    A substantial layer of neoprene has nitrogen bubbles embedded inside it. These bubbles act as a trap for hot air and prevent it from escaping into the surrounding water. This is one of the most crucial components of a wetsuit, as I’ve already alluded to a few times.

    A water-repellent and abrasion-resistant exterior layer that is also tough to scratch.

    How do kids steamer wetsuits work?

    The neoprene and other components of a kids steamer wetsuit work together to retain the wearer’s body heat and prevent it from dissipating as quickly as it might otherwise. The thickness of the wetsuits will decide whether or not they are able to shield your youngster from the chill of the water in a kids steamer wetsuit. Therefore, the water might be much cooler depending on the thickness of the suit.

    The buoyancy that is provided by a kids steamer wetsuit is the second advantage that it has to provide when used in the water. It helps to keep your kid safe and secure when they are swimming since it contains built-in air bubbles that not only keep it warm but also readily float to the top.

    Finally, the SCS or Super Composite Skin coating that is included on the children’s steamer wetsuits provides the youngsters with improved hydrodynamics. Your youngster will be able to move through the water more quickly and efficiently thanks to this layer, which is designed to prevent water from penetrating the surface of the suit.

    Sizing and placement of your kids steamer wetsuit

    It is important that you educate yourself on the topic of putting on a wetsuit properly so that you can properly instruct your kid. If you learn how to put on the children’s wetsuit properly, you will be able to maintain it for a longer period. If the wetsuit is not put on correctly, it may sustain a great deal of damage.

    Nevertheless, selecting the appropriate size for your kids steamer wetsuit is an essential step in the process of putting it on correctly. Kids steamer wetsuits come in a variety of sizes, and it’s important to know how to properly utilize yours.

    The kid’s height and weight are the two characteristics that are most significant when determining the size of a kids steamer wetsuit

    The chest measurements of the kids steamer wetsuit, on the other hand, need to be accurate in order to ensure that the garment does not restrict the kids movement or fit too loosely. If you get the chest size wrong, your child may have trouble getting into the suit, or they may feel a lot of tightness in their arms, both of which are not ideal for rowing or any other activity that takes place on the water. If you get the chest size right, your child will be able to get into the suit easily.

    Types of zippers in kids steamer wetsuits

    In the case of zippers, you can choose between 3 classes:

    • The back zipper
    • Chest zipper
    • Suits without a zipper (which is not really a suit with a zipper, but a suit without it)
    1. How do you care for a children’s wetsuit?

    Taking care of your wetsuit is crucial to be able to use it for a long time and get the most out of it. Simply put, the better you take care of it, the longer it will last.

    • Always rinse with fresh water after use
    • Hang it up to dry out of direct sunlight
    • Use a wide arm hanger to hang the suit; a narrow arm hanger will damage the suit over time.
    • If you store or transport your children’s wetsuit, roll it up. Do not fold it, as the folds will leave wrinkles in the suit.
    • Don’t dry it in the dryer.


    In a word, we hope that by now you have had the opportunity to acquire an idea of how essential kids steamer wetsuits are for children of all ages and during all four seasons. So now you have a better understanding of kids steamer wetsuits and you can use this information in choosing the right steamer wetsuit for your kids.


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