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    How to avoid problems with online shopping?

    The load is always bad advisers; Also in Online Shopping in Pakistan. So, before you type in your credit card number, check these tips from the online security office carefully to avoid getting upset.

    1- Trusted Network

    Use a Wi-Fi network or a trusted Internet connection. Although it is very practical to navigate from anywhere by hooking yourself to the third-party network (such as bars, for example), it is best to leave the purchase for a little later.

    2- Updated Equipment

    Keep your equipment updated and protected. Also make sure that your computer or mobile is in the best conditions to detect any possible attack. It is advisable to have an antivirus installed to rule out possible viruses capable of collecting personal and banking information from the device and, in addition, the installed software must be up-to-date. In fact, many of the updates that manufacturers carry out are carried out precisely to improve security.

    3- Trusted Sites
    3 Online-Shopping Problems, and How to Fix Them | MarketingProfs

    Buy from trustworthy sites. To know if a website is trustworthy, make sure that its address begins with https and that it shows a padlock in the address bar. This ensures that the information that is transmitted is encrypted. Some online stores have trust stamps, which ensure that the site meets the security requirements set by the organizations that document them, as long as they are legitimate. In general, organizations that distribute the stamps usually have a search engine that allows them to determine whether the store has the stamp or not, because the appearance of the stamp does not imply that the company.

    4- Research on the Page

    Inquiry about the store in search engines, social networks and forums. Checking what opinions other users have on the subject can provide a great deal of information.

    5- Social Networks

    Also watch out for social networks such as Oneplus Pakistan. The control they make of their publications is not as rigorous as would be desirable and sometimes we receive ads that pretend to be from a company and refer you to a website, which may be safe, but is not the authentic one. You may, for example, see an interesting promotion in the profile of a recognized brand and that after making the payment (even with any proven security system) you find that the receipt instead of the brand name appears as a Chinese manufacturer. It is very likely that you will receive the product, but it will surely be a fake. To avoid falling for this scam, it is best to check the offer on the brand’s real website. That is, do not trust the web to which the ad redirects but through your own search.6- Email. The same with emails. Do not buy directly through a link that has reached you by email.

    7- Review all the Information
    How to Avoid Problems with Online Shopping in Pakistan 2020 | CityBook.Pk

    Review the information provided by the online store. It is important to look at the information that the website itself offers about itself and how it is written. Attentive to who they are, where they have tax domicile, what data they collect from.

    8- Personal Data

    Provide only the necessary personal data. If they ask you for information that is unnecessary to make the purchase, be suspicious and make sure you are on a reliable page.

    9- Beware of Bargains

    Also be wary of bargains. If an offer is so good that it is hard to believe it, do not believe it.

    10- Secure Payment Methods

    Use secure payment method. If we decide to choose the credit card method, we have to be careful that the payment gateway corresponds to a known financial entity and that the digital certificate also corresponds to it. Giving our credit card information to a stranger allows them to use it in any illegal activity. The Internet Security Office warns that sometimes the store may have several payment methods but only the credit card is functional. Do not trust; Check that there is a secure payment gateway with https protocol.

    11- Control Movements in the Bank

    Periodically check the movements of your credit card. After making several purchases online, check that all the charges on your account are known and you have them controlled. If you find any of them suspicious, contact your bank, you may have been the victim of identity theft.


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