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    How To Apply Acrylic Dip Glitter Powder At Home To Dry Slowly?

    First: You can prepare a small fan for the desktop.

    Set up a small USB fan on the desktop. After applying acrylic dip glitter powder, use the fan to blow on the nails for a while. The fan will accelerate the airflow, so it will dry faster.

    Wait until the first layer is dry, then apply the second layer. Apply it evenly at a time, not too thick.

    Acrylic Dip Glitter Powder

    Second: Prepare a small table lamp.

    For those who have done nails, you know those nail salons prepare an oven. In fact, inside the oven is the light, and the temperature inside will be slightly higher.

    So, if you have a small table lamp at home, you can turn it on and get your hands close to it. The temperature under the lamp is higher, so the drying will be faster.

    Third: You can use cold water to rinse.

    Small sisters will find that galglitter acrylic dip glitter powder dries faster in winter than in summer because the lower the temperature, the faster acrylic dip glitter powder dries. So, after applying the acrylic dip glitter powder, do not touch it with your hands. You can put it under cold water and rinse it for a while.

    In this way, it will not damage the surface layer of acrylic dip glitter powder and can dry faster.
    Fourth: With acrylic dip glitter powder quick drying agent.

    Now there are sales on the network acrylic dip glitter powder quick drying agent, after the application of acrylic dip glitter powder, with a spray, quickly dry.

    But when spraying, pay attention to the amount of control, spray too much, and the nail will be spent at once.

    Fifth: Put the acrylic dip glitter powder in the refrigerator.

    Every time you want to apply the galglitter acrylic dip glitter powder, put the acrylic dip glitter powder in the refrigerator’s fresh stash for a while, then apply it. It dries when applied to the nail.

    Sixth: Apply acrylic dip glitter powder in an open area.

    Some people feel that acrylic dip glitter powder contains a lot of chemical ingredients; the smell is also very pungent. These odors are inhaled into the body. So you can apply it on the balcony, the air is more circulated, ventilation is also better, and the nails dry faster.

    Nails and hair do not dissolve water and have no life characteristics, and they are just a maintenance structure of the body. Once the acrylic dip glitter powder dries, the organic solvent used to mix the color paste is basically evaporated. The small amount of residue that remains is not able to etch the nail, as the organic solvent is not able to melt the protein, so it is not easy to etch the nail. However, long-term rubbing of acrylic dip glitter powder can cause damage to the nails.

    Some well-known brands will come out with some pure plant ingredients acrylic dip glitter powder; if it is indeed physical and mental health non-toxic is, of course, good, but people with some general acrylic dip glitter powder are not to use the best, it is best to say no need.

    One of the injuries of shoddy acrylic dip glitter powder: very easy to causes fingernail infection. The damage of shoddy acrylic dip glitter powder two: cause endocrine disruption

    The damage of shoddy acrylic dip glitter powder three: will cause carcinogenic substances body has 2 location components are 100% keratin.


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