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    How Much Vape Is Too Much?

    Vape are substitutes and believed to be less harmful than traditional cigarettes. Vaping is gaining popularity because you can inhale both nicotine and CBD.

    Today, e-cigarettes continue to rise, especially among middle school and high school children. According to a survey, 3.6 million children use vapes resulting in a rise of tobacco users in general.

    Vapes are healthier than cigarettes, but there is still a health risk of vaping too much. Do you want to know more about the side effects of vaping? Check out this article and learn more about the signs of too much vaping.

    Impact of Vaping on Health

    Nicotine is one of the substances inhaled through e-cigarettes. Although some vapes don’t have nicotine, it’s still one of the reasons why many use it. According to studies, nicotine can harm developing adolescent brains affecting their:

    • Learning
    • Mood
    • Attention
    • Impulse Control

    Besides that, vapor can include other dangerous substances, which may also put you to risk. The substances in these vapors include:

    • Chemicals that can cause cancer
    • Nickel, tin, and lead
    • Diacetyl which can cause lung disease
    • Volatile organic compounds

    Also, according to ACC, those who use vapes are 34% more prone to have heart attacks. They also noted that vapers get coronary artery disease and mental health issues.

    Recent studies also show that vaping may cause infertility in men and women. If you are trying to conceive, you should avoid vaping or cigarettes.

    As of December 2019, there were more than 2,500 cases of hospitalization due to vaping injuries. But even though there are many cons of vaping, people are still using it for various reasons.

    Signs of Vaping Too Much

    If you want to continue using vapes, use substances that don’t contain nicotine. But, inhaling these substances can still have side effects. Here are some of the possible side effects of too much vaping:

    • Dry mouth
    • Dizziness
    • Cough
    • Dry Skin
    • Itchiness
    • Dry Eyes
    • Nosebleeds

    You can also experience dehydration from too much vaping because of propylene glycol. This substance is capable of absorbing moisture from your mouth and body. The effect of PG may vary from person to person, but extended hours of vaping may still cause dehydration.

    Another side effect of vaping is developing a vaper’s tongue. It results in loss of taste bud sensitivity and a feeling of numbness in your tongue.

    Also, you may experience nicotine poisoning, which may be the worst side effect of too much vaping. Nicotine poisoning may include feelings of nausea and increased heart rate, among others. Also, using non-FDA-approved liquids can cause seizures from nicotine poisoning.

    How to Prevent Vaping Too Much

    Quitting vaping altogether may be too hard, especially if you have been doing it for too long. But, to develop a healthier habit, it’s best to start by reducing your vaping hours.

    Many institutions can help you with this, so don’t feel bad about asking for help. You can also research some medications and replacements for nicotine. Also, doing activities like exercising can distract you from vaping too much.

    If this article about vaping is helpful, read our other articles! We have various posts about different topics, as well.


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