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    How Much Does Product Photography Cost and Is It Worth It?

    Many businesses are intimidated by product photography pricing and wonder whether the cost is worth it. The costs involved are a big concern in the current economic environment as businesses are struggling to stay open during a raging pandemic. Two factors influence the industry; people are shopping online at an unprecedented rate and businesses are making less money than they used to. Owners need to ensure their products look great on all kinds of devices and that requires some investment. This article will help clarify the costs involved and determine whether it is beneficial.

    How Much Does Product Photography Cost?


    Product photography pricing can vary from one studio to another based on the level of service they provide, their location, overhead costs, and the experience of in-house photographers. Some studios are more expensive than others while some are located in more affordable regions. Here’s a brief breakdown of the costs:

    1. Average Costs

    The hourly rate of professional product photography can range from $25 to $75 in an average studio. Well-known and reputable photographers may charge anywhere between $250 and $1,500. Some of the industry’s best professionals have product photography pricing of over $10,000 per day.

    Some studios charge on a per-product basis and the costs can vary based on the number of products. For example, it is common for people to pay around $60 to $100 for five or six products. Studios offer discounted rates for bulk projects and will charge around $45 to $50 per product if you want to take pictures of 50 or more items. You can determine the cost per image by dividing the total cost with the number of images. For example, if you get a quote of around $1,500 for 100 images, the cost per image comes down to $15 per image.

    Knowing the cost per image will help you plan the budget more effectively and save money on product photography pricing.

    1. Additional Costs

    There are several costs to consider outside of the regular product photography rates. Some factors can increase the overall cost of the project and not show up in the quotes provided by studios. Here’s a look at some additional expenses to consider:

    • Product Weight and Size – Bigger and heavier items are more difficult to set up and shoot. Some may even require specialized equipment and tools, which can add to the overall costs. Hire a professional product photographer with experience in handling large projects.
    • Product Preparation – Some products need some preparation before they’re ready for the shoot. For example, if you want to sell a puzzle or a LEGO set, you need to assemble the product and show prospective customers the full picture. If your product needs a lot of prep and styling, the cost of photography services will rise. If the prep takes more than five to ten minutes, you can expect some additional costs.
    • Customization – Custom set backdrops and props will also add to product photography pricing. For example, if you’re selling chandeliers, you may need to set it up and hang it in a beautiful room to showcase its full majesty. This level of customization requires a lot of planning and props, which can have an impact on the overall cost. In some cases, the cost can be in the thousands.
    • Lifestyle Photography – Lifestyle images involve outdoor locations and models as they showcase the product in more real-life environments.Some studios will include the cost of models and outdoor shoots in their quote while others will provide a separate estimate for these expenses. Experts encourage businesses to include at least one or two lifestyle images on their product page. However, you can skip this approach if you want to save money.
    • Shipping – Consider the cost of shipping the items to the studio and getting it back to your business location. The cost will include preparation, packing, transporting, unloading, unpacking, etc. Discuss the cost of shipping with the studio and ask them for recommendations.

    If you understand the product photography pricing breakdown, it is easier to create a good budget and save money on the service.

    Why Do You Need Professional Product Photography?

    Professional product photography is more reliable than DIY photography because it showcases your products in the best possible light. Here’s a look at some reasons why investing in professional services can help, especially during a pandemic:

    • Experts know how to present a product and tell a story through photographs.
    • Photographers are familiar with the different rules and guidelines of platforms like Amazon or eBay. They’ll make sure your images are suitable for these websites.
    • Experienced photographers will inject the brand message into the pictures, making sure all product images are unique to your company.
    • Experts know how to add relevant background images and still ensure the product is the hero of the image.
    • Professional photographers will use sophisticated cameras and lenses to capture all of the intricate details.
    • They will hire models and artists to ensure your images convey the right message.
    • Experts work with lighting technicians to ensure all relevant aspects of your product are well-lit and clearly visible.
    • They will carry out a comprehensive editing process to ensure the images look polished and flawless.
    • Professionals will provide current images that will look modern for several years to come.
    • Most photography studios have comprehensive insurance coverage to protect your interests if the product is damaged during the shoot.
    • They will recommend solutions for websites, eCommerce platforms, and social media campaigns based on their experience.

    As you can see, professional services are worth your investment and can deliver good ROI for a long time to come.

    It is a good idea to discuss product photography pricing in detail with the studio before hiring them. Make sure you understand what’s included and excluded in the quote to ensure

    you don’t have to deal with unexpected expenses down the line. A good studio will be transparent about their pricing and will help you fit professional product photography in a limited budget.


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