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    Guide to Logo Colour Schemes & Combinations

    Colours have a deep emotional connection and influence on our minds. Colours when used correctly in logo designs can attract masses of potential audience towards their brand. It fosters brand growth and loyalty. 

    Logo is the face of a brand and represents your business to your customers. A well designed logo with a colour choice that matches the brand’s mission increases growth of the brand in the industry. 

    Image of a brand depends on the colour choice that is made. Right colour choice has power to deliver the correct tbrand message to the target audience. Incorrect colour choice sends wrong signals and can affect a brand badly. 

    Logo colour schemes and combinations of colour should be used correctly to deliver the right message. Check out this article to know the meaning of different colour schemes and best colour combinations. 

    Colour Psychology

    Colours have an impact on our subconscious mind. Different colours symbolize different meanings and have different emotional effects on our minds. Tints and shades of the same colour can also send different signals to the human brain. 

    Meanings of Colour Related Terms

    There are various colour terms that you need to be aware of. 

    • Hue

    Hue refers to the main colour family. For example, red and blue are hues.

    • Tint

    White colour plus hue gives rise to tints. Light shades are used to make colour even more lighter.

    • Shades

    Black is when mixed with hues, shades are produced. For instance, black and blue mixed together form twilight. 

    • Tone

    Hue when mixed with grey forms tones. 

    • Primary Color

    Yellow, Blue and Red are only three primary colours. These are the main colours found in nature that give rise to all other colours that we are known to. 

    • Secondary Color

    Secondary colours are formed from mixing of 2 primary colours with each other. For instance, red and yellow form orange which is a secondary colour. Next, red and blue forms purple, yellow and blue form green.

    • Tertiary Color

    Primary and secondary colours together form tertiary colours. You can easily find colours on colour wheels. 

    • Warm Color

    Those colours which resemble fire and warmth. Orange, red and yellow colours are the warm ones. 

    • Cool Color

    Green, blue and purple are cool colours. Those colours which are soothing to eyes and pleasant to look at are cool colours. 

    Meanings of Colours 


    Red is a colour that symbolizes wrath, energy, risk and confidence. Red is also a symbol of love and affection. Next, it is a primary colour too. It is a dynamic colour that boosts metabolism and raises blood pressure. Also, it increases the rate of respiration. 


    Yellow is the colour that gets attention so easily. It symbolizes confidence, hopefulness and sociability. It is cheerful, youthful  and charming one. It is vibrant colour and is associated with sunshine. Use this colour carefully because too much yellow colour can have a negative impact and build a sense of insecurity and fear.   


    Green is the colour of health, wealth, fertility and peace. It is also a sign of good luck and comfort. Furthermore, it is also a symbol of life and safety. It has a soothing effect on eyes and is highly visible. Therefore, use this colour in your logo to make it visible anywhere. 


    Blue colour is a symbol of relaxation, serenity, tranquility and calmness. It’s Also a sign of steadiness and reliability. It is the colour of sky and ocean. Next, blue brings a sense of loyalty, intelligence and confidence too. But too much blue can have a negative impact and show your personality to be self centered. 


    Purple is a colour of royalty and is a mystical one. It is a symbol of royalty, ambition, luxury excellence and opulence. In nature, these colours are rarely visible, so they are considered as sacred and precious. It is formed when red and blue are mixed together. So, it retains qualities of both colours.


    Black is not a colour, it is formed from absence of light. It is a symbol of sophistication, professionalism, authority and elegance. It is also a sign of death and despair. It gives your logo design an air of mystery and makes it look powerful too. 


    White is a sign of purity, peace and goodness. However, it is not as significant as black is but white or negative space has high importance in logo design. Using white colour makes the logo simple and clean. 

    Perfect Colour Combinations 

    There are numerous colour combinations present in nature. Check out these few best colour combinations that go great with each other. 

    • Yellow and Red

    It is highly attractive. This colour combination draws the eyes of viewers towards your work. 

    • Black and Yellow 

    It is full of energy and mystery. Entertainment industry uses such combinations. 

    • Purple and Pink 

    Pink is energetic while purple is mature. Together, they portray warmth and playfulness. 

    • Pink and Blue 

    When these both are colours are combined it brings out a sense of trust and playfulness. Next, it generates a beautiful contrast and is best for the wedding or beauty industry. 

    • Black and Red 

    This Logo colour combination is a symbol of power and energy. It is inviting and full of fiercity. 

    Colours do branding in such an amazing and effortless manner. Choose colour for your logo design wisely. 

    Online Logo Maker like Designhill keep your industry in mind and create logo designs with great colour choice. You should definitely try using one. 


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