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    Free vs Paid: Why Free Usenet Services Aren’t Always the Better Deal

    While “some of the best things in life are free,” that doesn’t apply to Usenet services. When you see the word “free,” it’s understandable to want to jump on such a deal, especially for a service that you’ll greatly benefit from. But you have to think about it from a quality perspective. In terms of Usenet, there are many providers out there offering free services but you’re not going to get anything near the type of quality you want that you would get with paid services.

    With free Usenet services, you can expect slow downloading speeds, unencrypted connections, and poor retention, among a host of other negative aspects. Before downloading a free Usenet service, consider downloading Newshosting’s 30 GB Free Trial to see the quality of what a paid Usenet service experience is like. Meanwhile, take a look at why free Usenet services aren’t as great of a deal as you might think.

    Access to Fewer Newsgroups

    A large feature of newsgroups is the ability to download binary files but that’s not the only feature. Another big feature is the ability to collaborate and communicate with people all over the world and participate in different discussion groups over a wide variety of different topics. Whether you’re asking questions or speaking on your own views on certain topics, you have access to significantly more newsgroups with a paid service than you would with a free service. In fact, Newshosting gives users access to over 100,000 newsgroups.

    Slower Download Speeds

    We live in a fast era where we want what we want, right then. We love fast food and we especially love fast download speeds. And as tempting as free Usenet might be, fast downloads are the last thing you’ll get. Typically, with free Usenet services, you can expect downloads to have a maximum speed of 5 Mbit/s, sometimes less than that.

    What does that mean?

    It means that the speed is too slow and barely adequate for you to download binary files or read messages. Because of the slow speed, There aren’t very many binary options with free Usenet services, which is basically saying that the slower speed won’t be able to keep pace with the bandwidth needed for downloads. There are actually quite a few reasons why you could be experiencing slow downloading speeds, but in reference to free Usenet, that’s usually the culprit.

    Low Retention

    With Usenet, retention refers to the amount of time a service provider will keep messages and files on its server. Paid services host years of data (Newshosting hosts eight years worth), whereas free services will host data for no longer than a month or so. Imagine using a free service and you find a message you want to refer back to weeks later… there’s a good chance that message is long gone, never to be found again.

    So just think… with free Usenet services, you don’t have access to very many newsgroups, on top of that, you’re dealing with low retention; Free Usenet really isn’t worth your time, and definitely doesn’t prove to give an enjoyable experience.

    Online Security

    One of the biggest attractive features of Usenet is the fact that it offers a much safer connection than standard internet connections. Premium Usenet providers typically offer plans that include SSL encryptions to protect your sensitive information like passwords, credit card information, and other personal data. With free Usenet, SSL encryption is not provided, putting your sensitive information at risk.

    From slow downloading speeds to zero online security, do you need any more reason to steer clear of free Usenet services? The only way you’re going to have an enjoyable experience with Usenet is by subscribing to a quality provider with a variety of plan options. You want to operate using a fast, reliable, and secure Usenet service provider, and that’s going to cost you, but at an affordable price. When you pay nothing for Usenet, that’s the type of quality and service you’ll get… NOTHING.


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