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    Drive Your Business with Cloud Enterprise Asset Management Software

    The recent years have been quite exciting as far as the evolution of digital technologies is concerned. From robotics and sensors which are interconnected through the power of Internet of Things (IoT) to the usage of big data analytics and deep learning for Predictive Maintenance, the whole landscape of enterprise asset management is rapidly changing. As a major Singaporean conglomerate, it is imperative that you use the technology to your advantage. That’s where you must use an advanced EAM software to power your assets optimally. An ideal solution would be an enterprise asset management software that will take care of all planning, maintenance, and management-related functions for all your assets on a unified cloud and mobile-ready platform.

    The best enterprise asset management system will be one that can seamlessly implement solutions for the management of critical assets for different operational fields from power plants to aircrafts, manufacturing plants to buildings and real estate, from infrastructure equipment such as cranes to a city transport fleet.

    The four major benefits of an advanced enterprise asset management system are:

    • Effective management of the entire maintenance process through AI-powered predictive maintenance and in-built analytics
    • Mitigation of all equipment risks by better implementation of safety standards by the EAM
    • On-time regulatory adherence with automated compliance tracking and utilization of asset tracking features to keep them audit-ready
    • In a transport sector environment, the EAM can streamline operations and improve asset performance by increasing your ROI

    Singapore is a global transportation hub, and as a Singapore-based international transport business, you don’t just need a typical enterprise asset management system but a customized transport management system as well that will address all needs of the transportation business. Such a software will integrate various components of the transport management into a single-window dashboard. These include:

    • Warehouse Management System – The transport management system will also streamline and scale the efficiency of your warehouse operations through an integrated approach.
    • Fleet management system – The TMS will allow you to enhance your fleet availability alongside reducing the total cost of operations.
    • Hub management – A truly world-class system will also offer exclusive hub management through a dedicated module to manage all hub, cross-dock centre & CFS activities.
    • Rating & Billing integration- The transport management system works as a holistic digital platform for the logistics service providers and helps you optimize operational costs as well as timeliness of the deliveries.

    The customized enterprise asset management system for logistics businesses empowers them with detailed activity reports and provides complete visibility as well as insights related to resource optimization and operations. Using cloud software allows businesses to easily overcome the various logistics sector problems.

    The transport management system provides a comprehensive solution for 3PLs, freight forwarders, contract logistics, project cargo, e-commerce logistics, reefer logistics, and parcel/express delivery service providers. Thus, using a cloud-based transport management system can provide you with all-around benefits at the planning, execution, compliance and delivery stages of your operations.


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