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    Docking Station, GIISSMO 9-in-1 USB C, Dual HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gbps 3.1, VGA, For MacBook M1, Mac & Windows Laptop USB Dock

    The GIISSMO 9-in-1 USB C is a sleek, black grey color, portable dock that comes with a total of 9 ports that allows connection of up to 3 monitors, microphones, headphones, USBs, and Gigabit connection.

    Install a program called ‘Siliconmotion’ onto your devices and make sure the program is running before you use the USB C docking station.


    The GIISSMO 9-in-1 USB C is a highly liked product getting a whopping 4.6stars in terms of its quality. It has got some excellent reviews in which its users have claimed that the device can accommodate multiple laptops and computers without the distortion of display or getting heated up rapidly as some of the devices become these days.

    The best feature about it that everyone appreciates is that it is so light and handy that you can easily shift your system from one place to another.

    The specialty of the GIISSMO USB A/C docking station is that is surprisingly very light considering the number of ports it has.

    About This Item:


    While technology is getting more and more expensive by the day, GIISSMO has launched its port at only $90.99 for everyone to get the opportunity to benefit from the product.


    The best feature about it that everyone appreciates is that with a weight of 4.4 ounces, it is practical to carry around with you anywhere and everywhere.

    Rich Exterior:

    The system of the docking station is enclosed by a rich blackish-grey metal to give it an overall elegant and chic look.

    Increase Screen Space:

    The new GIISSMO 9-in-1 USB C expands your screen space up to 3 monitors without getting heated up or dropping resolution in the display by connecting it with your device via the HDMI1 & HDMI2 or VGA ports.

    Provides Fast Internet Connection:

    To access a speedy wired internet connection of up to 1Gbps, plug your wireless router into the station’s Ethernet port.

    Improves Efficiency Of Devices:

    To avoid signal interference and increase the efficiency of your keyboard, mouse, or any other slow devices, connect them to your docking station. This station can also help you transfer all your important files and documents to other devices in a snap of your fingers.

    Broad-spectrum Compatibility:

    The device is an excellent USB C docking station for Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, MacBook M1, ASUS Zenbook TP360CA/3, Dell XPS 13/15, Huawei Matebook, Lenovo Yoga 720, and Thunderbolt 3/Type-C/USB-A devices. It works great on Windows 7 or higher as well as Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.


    It is, thus, concluded that this product works best for those who want to enjoy a high-quality screen experience on their devices.

    With the implementation of innovative technology, you can expect only the best from it. This is a highly recommended gadget.

    So, order yours online or go to your nearest electronic store before they run out. If you find them out of stock, don’t lose hope as they get restocked frequently.

    If you’d like to purchase the product, click on the link below. (You can also win coupons from amazon on the prime day)



    Will this dock work on the Huawei tablet Mediaped M5?

    Yes, they are fully compatible. However, make sure that you download the program ‘Siliconmotion’ onto your tablet before setting up the system.

    What to do when the device gets hot?

    It is normal for the device to get heated up when used since it’s an external GPO chip. So, don’t need to get worked up on it. The gadget is made up of aluminum which means that it is resistant to abrasion and temperature.

    Nonetheless, if it does concern you when it gets heated up, unplug it for a while or when you are not using it.

    Does the station derive power from the computer/laptop, or does it have its own  power supply?

    It can operate both, with as well as without the external power supply.

    Why don’t I get a dual monitor when I set the system?

    It might be because you haven’t downloaded the program ‘Siliconmotion’. Install it before plugging the system in.


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