If you are waiting for the most long-awaited arrival of your life, you will need to know everything related to baby cribs that exist on the market today. In our go services we have prepared a complete and extensive compilation of the different baby crib options that you should know, to make the most appropriate decision without margin of error.

You should think that the crib will be one of the most important items you will acquire for your baby, since his rest, relaxation and comfort will depend on it. But, in addition, it will be the epicenter of your baby’s room, so you should choose a nice, colorful crib and according to the rest of the decoration elements of the room. For buying cribs for your babies you must visit on Newbabywish.

Different types of baby cribs depending on your needs

If you are going to become a dad or mom soon, you will know the illusion that is generated around the preparation and decoration of the room of the new inhabitant of the house. Not only should you allocate a room for him or her, but you will have to think about furnishing it with a wardrobe for their clothes, a chest of drawers, all kinds of decorative elements, a changing table and most importantly: the crib.

There are numerous styles and models of cribs for babies, so our first recommendation is that you measure the room you are going to allocate for your child. This first step is of vital importance to have the space you have, and thus be able to distribute the space in an equitable and proportionate way, without the room being too cluttered or too empty.

Regarding the crib, there are different types of cribs for babies, depending on the style, the measurements or the needs you have:


The mini crib has smaller dimensions than the traditional crib, making it the perfect choice when your baby has just arrived in the world. In their first days, all babies seek sensations similar to those they had inside the mother’s womb, so that, with a mini-cradle, your baby will feel more protected, comfortable and calm than in a larger rest space.

There are different types of mini-cribs, among which are the Moses (carrycot that can have handles incorporated, and which rests on wooden or iron legs) and the co-sleeping mini-crib.

Co-sleeping cot

In these first months of life, and especially during the breastfeeding period, many parents decide to opt for the co-sleeping system. Co-sleeping is a very common and widespread practice, which means that the baby sleeps together with one of her parents, joining the bed with the crib. These cribs for babies are fixed to the bed by means of tensioning straps that are placed under the mattress (as in the image).

Among the advantages of co-sleeping is the promotion of breastfeeding, facilitating night feedings. It also reduces the crying of the baby and the risk of sudden death, and enhances the bond between the parents and the baby.

Convertible crib

Within the types of cribs for babies, the convertible crib is the most versatile format, since it will grow and change as your children do. Convertible cribs are a fantastic choice, because once your baby grows up, you can transform the crib into a table to paint and draw, into a bed when he is old enough to leave the crib or into a tiny sofa that will decorate his room in the way More adorable.

Traditional crib

In addition to all these new modalities mentioned above, there are also traditional cribs, those of a lifetime. These types of baby cribs are usually made of wood, with mobile bars that allow easy access to the baby. These are made up of a bed frame, a mattress and, in some cases, wheels so that you can move the crib to any room in your house. If you are one of those who prefers a more basic crib, don’t worry; You also have many options for styles, colours, sizes and shapes to decorate your little one’s room.

Some of them even have a drawer at the bottom so you can store everything you need for the baby.

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