Connecting Dots Between SEO And Social Media for Modern Digital Marketing

Whether there is a link between SEO and social media is still unclear to many. However, regardless of the answer, businesses want a prominent presence both on social media and search results.

Acknowledging the reach and influence of social media and searches equally digital marketing services by Impressive Digital in Austin strategize marketing with the two elements in cohesion. Instead of choosing the two, utilizing both is the best way to reach your prospective audience, get insight into their behavior and search activities, and influence their buying decisions.

Here are some easy ways to use SEO to strengthen your social media presence and vice versa.

  • Decoding the connection between SEO and social media

The relation between SEO and social media has been a matter of debate for over a decade now and it continues to be. Many experts argue that Google does not use social media presence as a factor in its ranking system. While others say that the SEO community devalues the significance of social signals.

However, conventional wisdom says that the relation is a gray area. One thing that ties these two practices together is that they both have similar objectives. Both try to enhance the brands’ visibility and drive greater traffic to the website.

While there might not be a direct or technically correct link, these two are correlated in a way that they can support each other and proliferate the marketing results when implemented together.

  • Social media profiles ranking on search results

People can argue hard that Google does not use social media as a decisive factor in ranking. But no one can deny that social media profiles appear at the front and center, especially for the brands. They often follow the website of the brand immediately.

When you search for a brand, you are very likely to come across the brand’s latest tweets or a link to its Facebook page in the result.

  • Social media: a significant traffic source

Anyone using Google Analytics can tell that it describes social media as a prominent source of organic traffic. This itself is a befitting reply to those who argue the connection between the two.

You can use Google Analytics to learn about various parameters of your social media performance. This includes elements like engagement performance of social traffic compared against other sources, posts that drive maximum traffic, and more.

  • Social media as traffic funnels

Although the contribution of social media to the ranking of SERP is insignificant, social profiles can still be a massive driver of traffic to an individual content piece. Businesses that have an active and solid social media presence are likely to have a better ability to create valuable backlinks.

By posting regularly you can get greater visibility that converts into links. The connections with people you make on social media can also drive links to your website in the long run. Also, social media can at least fetch and deliver deep and valuable insights to understand your audience better and enhance your SEO efforts.

  • Social media tips to support SEO

It is clear now that neither SEO nor social media can drive you to your marketing targets alone. A strategy that combines the two realms is imperative. You can easily achieve the combination using the following tips.

  • Keep site content easy to share
  • Derive content ideas from social data
  • Refine publishing frequency
  • Nurture your relationship with link-builders and audience



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