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    Common Travel Scams and Solution to Deter Them 

    Technological advancement has opened great doors for businesses. It is just innovating businesses in streamlining their operations and providing customers with greater experience. Besides the promise that the technology offers, it comes with some drawbacks too.  As businesses are looking for better ways to carry out their daily activities, criminals use witty strategies to fulfill their malicious means. There is no sector that hasn’t been exploited by the scammers even the travel industry which has also become a breeding ground for fraudulent activities. 

    With the wave of digitization, booking trips online has become quite easy but also raised concerns among hotels and airports as they are facing criminal activities dramatically. Fraudsters are leaving no stone unturned to use the travel sector for heinous crimes. But, with a robust AI-based solution, the travel sector could deter all kinds of travel scams. 

    Common Travel Frauds

    Here are the travel scams that airports and resorts encounter that need to be addressed soon. 

    Payment Fraud

    One of the frequent travel scams encountered by the aviation industry is payment fraud. Fake travel agencies have been established to fulfill the malicious needs of criminals which is creating a slew of issues for the resorts. Tourists are booking their hotel reservations with fake identities which are giving the management a really tough time. Furthermore, the scammers are demanding chargeback to fully avail of the hotels’ free services. Besides the two payment problems, another issue encountered by the sector is the payments done using stolen or fake debit cards.

    Money Laundering

    The practice of hiding illegally earned money is called money laundering. Criminals launder money in three steps which include placement, layering, and integration. Scammers layer money in various firms and hotels are one of their greatest targets. This is why the hotel administration is required to detect laundered money in order to prevent illegally earned money from entering their premises. Furthermore, scammers use phony identities to escape with dirty money. Thus, airports need robust identity verification services to detect travel scams and keep all criminals at bay.

    Identity Theft

    In this modern era, clients want every service online and the travel sector is working hard to provide customers with seamless transactions. However, it is making them vulnerable to various fraudulent activities. With the advent of digital check-ins, travelers do not require any manual bookings and also get relief from standing in long lines to get their payments done. They do not have to visit the reception to get keys to their room. 

    While applications provide great customer engagement, is allowing scammers to steal credentials for their illicit means. They are then using the obtained details for reward points and other perks which leaves the hotel management with chargebacks and other losses. 

    Document frauds are common even at airports. Scammers with forged documents come and book their tickets without robust document verification services and then escape committing heinous crimes.

    Facial Recognition- A Great Solution to Combat Travel Scams

    Scams not only cost financial loss to the travel sector but also results in bad customer experience and damage its image in the market. The question over here is how the airport or resorts could protect themselves from such travel scams. Robust facial verification is the only solution that not only helps both sectors avoid criminals but also protects them from paying hefty fines by staying compliant with the global KYC regulations. Facial recognition online is a great bet that allows the authorities to detect travel scams before they cause them any trouble. 

    How Does Face Verification Work?

    In this modern age, facial recognition means more than just validating the face of any individual. The technology now uses advanced algorithms such as artificial intelligence that can detect all kinds of travel scams within minutes. Facial recognition uses the below-mentioned techniques to better validate the identity and protect sectors from criminal cases. 

    • Liveness detection 
    • Micro-expression analysis 
    • 3D mapping 
    • 3D depth analysis 
    • Skin texture analysis 

    All the above-mentioned processes ensure that the passengers are present at the time of verification so that identities can be validated more accurately. The greatest travel scams faced by the sectors today are spoof attacks which could also be deterred with strong biometric verification solutions such as facial recognition. 

    Final Thoughts

    The technological evolution has provided businesses great benefits has also opened ways for criminals who are revising their methodologies to bypass the verification solutions. The travel sector has gone online but insufficient verification services are making it prone to various travel scams. This has made the travel industry ingrate verification solutions and facial recognition is a great choice in that regard. Besides protecting the sector from travel scams, it also helps them adhere to the global KYC/AML regulations and prevent them from paying penalties and heavy fines. 


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