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    Best Practices for an Unforgettable User Experience and a Mobile-friendly Design

    Since the emergence of touch phones, the adoption of mobile has only gone up. An average user spends nearly 4 hours on a mobile. This makes a mobile-first approach for the website design by web designing companies in Dubai, a must. As touch phones have increased drastically, it only makes to have a website which has a user-friendly design for mobile as well.

    Touch phones from different brands use different operating systems. Apple uses iOS whereas Samsung and Google Phone use Android. Screen sizes also differ, even if the phones are from the same brand. Making sure that your website is loading properly on different systems and sizes is very crucial else it may backfire on your brand. A website design company prioritises the ease of use with over mobile interfaces and facilitates business conversions. Here are the musts that should be considered while conceiving a practical mobile friendly interface. 

    1. Have A Responsive Design For Your Website

    Having a website that adjusts to different screen sizes can be quite a challenge. There are content management systems available that help websites to be adjusted for mobile phones and tablets of all sizes, operating systems, and browsers. A horizontal menu on the laptop will automatically turn into a vertical menu with three lines on the website. This way, your website will have a responsive design for different screen sizes. It will help users to visit from any device and browse the website with ease.

    2. Optimize Loading Speed of The Website

    In a world where time is a precious commodity, slow-loading websites are the ultimate buzzkill. Mobile users demand lightning-fast performance at their fingertips. To meet their expectations, it’s crucial to optimize your website’s loading speed with the help of web designing companies in Dubai. Trim down file sizes, compress images, and leverage caching techniques to ensure your pages load in the blink of an eye. Think of it as turbocharging your website – the faster it loads; the more likely users will stick around and explore what you have to offer.

    3. Craft Thumb-Friendly Navigation: Guiding Users with Ease

    When it comes to mobile devices, thumbs rule the kingdom. Since users predominantly interact with their smartphones using their thumbs, it’s important to design navigation elements that are easy to reach and interact with. Choose larger buttons and touch targets and ensure users can effortlessly tap their way through your website. Streamline menus and navigation bars to provide a clutter-free experience that keeps users focused on what matters most. By making navigation thumb-friendly, you create a seamless and intuitive journey for your mobile users.

    4. Leverage Mobile-Specific Features: Unleashing the Power of Mobile

    Mobile devices offer a wide range of features which a laptop may not have. Push notifications, direct calling, location detection etc. are some features of mobile that can be utilized while designing a website. This provides a much more customized and specific user experience to visitors and can generate higher engagement and conversions from them. Website navigation through single touch scrolling helps users to engage with the website for a long period of time via mobile.

    Is it Rewarding to Invest in A Mobile-friendly Website Design?

    A website which is designed by having a mobile-first approach, is surely going to be beneficial for your enterprise. The number of users visiting the website through mobile has grown tremendously. Enterprises need to adapt to these trends else they will be left behind by their competitors. You can also increase the reach towards your intended audience by having a mobile-friendly website as you may gain more traction from mobile visits than laptop or desktop.

    There seems to be no downside but only upside by investing in a website that loads promptly and is easy to browse on phones. Investing in a website that responds well on mobile device is worth every penny.


    Change is the only constant in this world. This phrase is even more true for enterprises that have built-digital-only businesses. It is very crucial for enterprises to adapt to technological changes with time. A mobile-first website experience is one of the key aspects to staying ahead of the curve and making your mark in the industry as a leader.

    Mobile-first approach to website design has plenty of benefits. Apart from increasing conversions and engagement time on the website, a mobile-first design can also bring new and untapped audience to the website, given the experience is smooth. A website which loads easily on mobile can be shared among visitor’s peers. Your audience becomes your brand advocate. So there seems to be only upside to having a website that is easy to browse via mobile devices.

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