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    Dash Across The Beautiful Streets and Stunning Views In Istanbul

    I am fond of visiting historic places. So this time, it was Istanbul on my list. I planned a 10-12 day trip with a friend to visit this astonishing place and it did not fail to amaze us. My friend has been a frequent flyer with Delta and a member of the Delta Skymiles Program. So, he took the onus of booking flight tickets. With Delta Skymiles Booking, he had managed to book flights to Istanbul.

    Istanbul has a lot to offer for everyone. While most of the city is filled with ancient landmarks, there are other sites to spend time as well like parks, markets, islands, clubs, etc. The palaces and monuments existing for centuries introduced us to the great lives of kings and emperors. It was a great experience roaming in the streets and talking to the locals who gave us insight into the history of the city. With Delta Skymiles Booking Programme, we were able to score some deep discounts. We finally departed from our home, made our way through the traffic, and reached the airport on time. Finally, we boarded the scheduled flight and went through a rollercoaster of emotions. 

    Best places to visit in Istanbul


    Prior to telling you about the experience in Istanbul, it is worth adding that Flying with Delta Airlines has been rewarding. My friend dialed Delta SkyMiles number +1-855-915-0936 to see how many miles he has left in his account and he was instantly informed about that.

    Talking about Istanbul, the city is spread across Europe and is one of the popular cities in Turkey. Teeming with several bars, cafes, and a bunch of fine dining restaurants, Istanbul is most certainly a paradise for foodies. The surreal beauty and the rich history are other reasons why you should visit Istanbul once in your lifetime. 

    • Hagia Sophia

    This is a holy site constructed in the 6th century AD by the order of Roman Emperor Justinian I. The beautiful architecture with minarets and buttresses was once the largest church of the Eastern Roman Empire which was then converted to a mosque and is a museum at present. If you ever visit Istanbul, you can not afford to miss this masterpiece with mosaics, beautiful gardens, and fountains. The interior of Hagia Sophia is delighting with the artistic works on the marble. Every part of the monument depicts the greatness of different eras and kingdoms since its existence.

    • The Blue Mosque

    The Blue Mosque derives its name from the blue colored hand-painted tiles used in its construction that glow blue under the moonlight. It is also known as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque named after the Sultan who built it from 1609 to 1616. Inside the mosque are walls with İznik style ceramic tiles, the tomb of the emperor, and a madrasah whereas the exterior is decorated with six minarets, five main domes, and eight secondary domes designed in the Ottoman style.

    • Grand Bazaar 

    It is one of the largest covered markets in the world spread over an area of 30700 square meters. Grand Bazaar is a 15th-century site with 61 streets and 4000 shops selling a wide range of products. You can purchase Turkish jewelry, antiques, colorful lamps, carpets, spices, and much more but you need good bargaining skills. Get lost in the vibrant streets and grab a meal after getting tired in one of the decades-old restaurants of the bazaar that serve the best quality food in the city.

    • Dolmabahçe Palace

    It is a European style building that was once used as the administrative center of the Ottoman Empire during the 19th century. The palace has a great significance in the history of the city and attracts a lot of tourists across the world. The 11-acre area of the palace decorated with gold and crystal makes it the largest palace in Turkey. Sightseeing places inside the palace halls, rooms, gardens, and a library.

    • Galata Tower

    Built-in 1348, Galata Tower stands at a height of 66.9 meters that offers a picturesque location and panoramic view of the city. You can enjoy some time in the top floor cafe of the tower with some drinks and food while gazing at the night lights of the city.

    Besides these, you can also visit other places in Istanbul like Bosphorus, Topkapi Palace Museum, Maiden’s Tower, Galata Bridge, Golden Horn, Beylerbeyi Palace Miniaturk, and much more. Filled with numerous attractions and rich culture, Istanbul has its charm spread worldwide. No matter what sort of experience you are craving, Istanbul has everything to keep you entertained. Book your flight tickets with Delta, and get in touch with the Delta SkyMiles customer service team to know the details of your account.

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