If you’re looking for a backup service for your Microsoft 365 email, you’re in luck. There are several options out there, including Veeam, Altaro, and OneDrive. Let’s explore each one to find the best one for your needs. This way, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your email and data are safe. Here are the best options for protecting your Microsoft 365 email:


It’s estimated that one in five email accounts get hacked each year. And because Microsoft 365 contains critical information, hackers are even more active during a pandemic than at any other time. Unfortunately, most lost files are simply deleted because of human error, and Microsoft will no longer store it. It’s up to administrators to make sure they can get their emails back as soon as possible. So, what is OneDrive backup for Microsoft 365 mail?


The availability of a backup service for Microsoft 365 mail and other Microsoft services can help organizations protect data and prevent loss. Backup solutions may also protect data within other Microsoft services, including Office 365 email, SharePoint, Groups, Teams, and OneDrive. They can also backup SharePoint and Exchange online data, enabling granular restoration. Additionally, these services are compliant with GDPR regulations. If you are looking for backup services for Microsoft 365 mail, then check out the following points.


Veeam backup services for Microsoft 365 mailboxes support all major email platforms. The backup service supports Exchange mailboxes, Classic SharePoint sites, and OneDrive, but only a limited number of other services. It also lacks user self-service capabilities, including data preview. Veeam uses the same account you use to sign into Windows and doesn’t support Teams Backup. However, it does support backup for Teams Lists.


When you use Altaro backup services for Microsoft 365, you can enjoy an unlimited storage capacity, indefinite retention period, and no technical knowledge. You can simply link your Microsoft 365 accounts to the software, and the backup will take care of itself. You can also choose whether to backup your data on a local server or in the cloud. You can even link multiple Microsoft 365 accounts to a single backup.


Spanning services for Microsoft 365 mail enable you to store and recover email from multiple tenant accounts. Spanning provides metadata-based point-in-time backups. You can restore mail without having to re-create the account or create a new one. You can access a detailed audit log of all backup operations and restore operations by admins. You can also use the service to manage your licenses, and it offers pre-built integration with Kaseya RMM.


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