An Overview of the Landlord Background Check Process

Rental history assessments assist landlords display capacity tenants, locate pink flags, and select out the high-quality tenant. The history test generally takes place along a credit score test after a potential renter fills out a condo software. You can anticipate a history test to:

  • Confirm the renter’s identification
  • Assess crook records on the federal, kingdom, and county levels
  • Scan the intercourse culprit registry
  • Check for earlier evictions

If you are looking for specialist tips on tenant background check, search the website. Tenant Screening Center offers property managers and landlords a great alternative to the expense of full tenant screening. Please word tenant history assessments and condo history assessments are used interchangeably on this article.

Why ought to I display renters?

If you need to discover a exquisite tenant who will pay on time and respects your house, then you definitely ought to make screening part of your system. Here are a few motives to run a history test:

  • Avoid Nightmares. Tenants with numerous evictions now no longer best purpose complications and hassle, however in addition they purpose wasted time, misplaced rent, and assets damage.
  • Avoid Liability Lawsuits. Tenants with a violent crook beyond may want to damage a person on your house, and you may be named with inside the lawsuit.
  • Deter Identity Thieves. Prospective tenants who won’t post to a history test can also additionally have stolen identities.
  • Prevent Sex Offender Lawsuits. Tenants who’re registered intercourse offenders may want to purpose you to get sued if your house is simply too near a park, school, or different locations kids visit.
  • Waste Less Time. Prospective tenants who post to a history test are extreme candidates and are much more likely to begin the connection with honesty and transparency.

The Rental Application: what do I want to run a condo history test?

Whether you operate an internet or old-style paper condo software, your system ought to be the equal for all tenants. Consistency throughout the board enables you comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) guidelines, the Fair Housing Act, and HUD. It is probably clever to have an internet software, so that you aren’t chargeable for touchy private information.

Typically, you’ll run the history and tenant credit score assessments on the equal time, so your condo software ought to include:

  • Full felony name
  • Social protection number (SSN)
  • Date of birth
  • Residential deal with for no less than the beyond years
  • Current landlord
  • Current employer
  • Written consent to run crook history and credit score assessments

Is it felony to run a history test on tenants?

Yes, it’s your proper as a landlord to display candidates. As cited above, you need to achieve this continuously for all candidates.

You ought to have a separate report that obtains written permission. Inform the tenant you’re going for walks each kingdom and federal crook history assessments and a credit score test too. Before taking payment, you ought to make the possible tenant aware about all software fees.

It’s crucial to word that you may deny a tenant for any legitimate reason, together with low credit score score, crook records, or intercourse culprit registry.

What indicates up on a tenant history test?

The history test ought to verify the renter’s identification and social protection number, notify you of any crook records, and shed mild on eviction records. This segment will contact on credit score too, which can be a joint record or altogether separate, relying at the provider you operate.


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