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    American Nautical Services

    American Nautical Services (ANS) is a chart agent for the British Admiralty. They provide a number of services that help navigators, captains, and ship owners navigate safely and effectively. They also produce nautical charts and flags. They also offer training courses and help customers learn how to read charts and other nautical information.

    ANS is a chart agent for British Admiralty

    American Nautical Services (ANS) was founded in 1979 as a marine surveying and training company that offered training and license preparation classes for small and large commercial vessels. Over the years, ANS has expanded its services to include supplying nautical charts to the U.S. government and obtaining charts from the British Admiralty. ANS now employs seven instructors in its training program and conducts training across five states along the East Coast.Read about more on American Nautical Services.

    Besides producing charts, American Nautical Services also provides navigational equipment such as charts and publications. They are also an international chart agent and offer high-quality charts and chart services. They offer charts from various publishers and also produce type-approved navigational systems and data instrumentation for commercial vessels.


    NOAA is the government agency responsible for the United States’ geodetic framework and nautical charts. Through its mission of enhancing ocean ‘intelligence,’ NOAA helps people navigate safely and make informed decisions. Its mission also extends to providing information about ocean-related disasters and preventing marine pollution. NOAA’s Office of Coast Survey publishes nautical charts, maps, and publications, covering over three million square nautical miles.

    The mission of NOAA Fisheries is to manage, conserve, and protect marine resources. The organization has offices in Silver Spring, Maryland, as well as in many regional locations. It also manages more than twenty laboratories and six fisheries science centers, which conduct research and develop new products.


    American Nautical Services (NGA), a marine surveying, consulting and nautical chart store in South Florida, offers both print and digital nautical charts. The company has been serving the marine industry since 1977. Their products include charts for coastal waters in the U.S., the Pacific Islands, and foreign waters.

    The NGA is an authorized chart agent for the British Admiralty, NOAA, and IMO, and also produces the Oceangrafix POD digital charts. These charts feature the latest data available from NGA. These charts may not always be up-to-date, so it’s important to check for the “Corrected Through NM ##/##” note in the margin. Additionally, the company offers marine survey support services to vessel owners and underwriters.

    Oceangrafix POD

    POD (print on demand) charts are produced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The NOAA is the hydrographic office for the United States. POD charts are produced using certified NOAA data and comply with the mandatory carriage requirements for nautical charts. Those requirements include the timely and effective update of information.

    The charts are produced using the latest technologies in marine charting. Commercial boaters understand the value of NOAA-approved nautical charts. However, these charts need to be updated regularly to remain accurate. OceanGrafix uses proprietary technology to ensure that the charts are updated frequently. In addition, the charts also incorporate USCG Light Lists, which provide information about lights in different regional areas. These lists are often more detailed than chart information.

    Marine Survey Division

    American Nautical Services Marine survey division provides marine survey services for cargo owners and underwriters. They are authorized chart agents for NOAA, NGA, and Oceangrafix, and carry a full range of marine-specific CFRs. They also operate a ship supply store and maintain a large inventory of nautical charts.

    The company was founded in 1977 and has been serving the marine industry for more than 40 years. Today, they have a strong presence on the East Coast. The firm also employs marine surveyors and engineers on barges and ships.

    Training Courses

    ANS is an accredited maritime school that provides training for all levels of sailors, including aspiring captains. Courses range from one day classes on the basics of boating to two-year Professional Mariner Programs. The curriculum is designed to provide the most comprehensive education possible for any aspiring mariner. ANS also offers a variety of certification courses, including Master Mariner and 200 Ton Masters.


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