Allegiant Airlines Booking: Rome is a beautiful city. The historical and artistic monuments all over the city keep reminding the visitors how great its history is. The museums, art galleries, sculptures, and other landmarks are a combination of rich tradition and modern culture. Italy is popular around the world for its cuisine and it would have been a bad idea to not taste the delicious food. With that thought in my mind, I took a plunge on an opportunity and made Allegiant Airlines Booking to Rome.

Allegiant Airlines

Keeping my calmness and excitement under control, I made sure to pack all the essential stuff, and within two days of Allegiant Airlines Booking, I was to depart for Rome. It was hardly possible for me to plan an itinerary within such a short time. However, with the aid from a friend, it was made possible. It was my first ever Solo Trip and it wanted it to be no less than perfect. After a journey of a few hours, I finally reached the beautiful “Rome”.

The best period to visit Rome is the spring season and also the months of September and October due to the reasonable rates and favorable weather. But if you are visiting to enjoy the cultural events and festivals, the months of July and August are best as the city gets crowded with tourists at this time. Rome is a renowned honeymoon destination and definitely a romantic place to spend time with your loved ones.

Top attractions in Rome

During my stay in Rome, these were some of the best places that we went to visit. With the rich history, beautiful views, and art, The capital city of Italy – Rome makes a perfect destination for a weeklong getaway. You will find a number of Allegiant Airline deals if you are planning to spend a couple of days in Rome. Your budget won’t give you jitters. Take a look at some of the best places that are interesting and filled with fun:

  1. St. Peter’s Basilica

One of the largest churches in the world, St. Peter’s Basilica is a must-visit place in Rome. The holy site is built upon the tomb of St. Peter and is popular around the world for its unique architectures designed by popular artists like  Carlo Maderno and Gian Lorenzo Bernini. The interior of the church depicts its great history, which links back to 64 AD. The dome of St. Peter’s offers a charming view of the city while St. Peter’s Piazza is also an attractive sight.

  1. Trevi Fountain

Your trip will be incomplete without visiting the iconic Trevi Fountain. It is a renowned fountain in the Trevi district, designed by artist Nicola Salvi in the 18th century. Sections of many films have been filmed at this place. Some tourists visit to take a look at the marvelous work, while some visit to fulfill their wish by throwing a coin in the fountain.

  1. Piazza Navona

Piazza Navona is a popular place for hanging out. The place has a number of picturesque sites to fill your camera roll. The fountains, churches, palaces, etc. make the place more attractive. There are several restaurants and cafes in the open space to satisfy your hunger. The artists surrounding the square display their unique artworks for a living. If you are planning your trip during the festival season, you can also enjoy the festive fairs. During this time, the square is filled with energy and the light decoration makes the place lovely.

  1. Vatican Museums

House to antique paintings, carvings, and Roman sculptures, the Vatican Museums is a collection of more than 70000 artworks founded in the 16th century and displays 20000 objects at a time. A section of modern religious art was also established in 1973 containing masterpieces of popular artists like Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh.

  1. Palestine Hill

Palestine Hill is the most popular hill among the seven hills of Rome. It is an open-air museum with a number of monuments including The Palace of Domitian, House of Tiberius, and many more. This site holds great value in Roman history.

Besides these, you can also visit other popular places of Rome including the Colosseum, Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Villa Borghese, Circus Maximus, Altar of the Fatherland, etc. Rome is a magnificent city to spend a few days in. Its beauty lies in nature, great architecture, and rich history. So, if Rome has been on your travel bucket list as well, book a flight on Allegiant Airlines and undergo an expedition that’s sure to stay with you for eternity.


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