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    All you need to know about UGG


    Comfortable, stylish and eye-grabbing are the words that can best describe UGGs. These sheepskin boots and slippers are the ones that need to be a part of your wardrobe. Surfers first used this for their longevity and durability. UGGs soon found their way into the mainstream due to their comfort and strength. UGG for women is one of the leading footwear products.UGGs are the footwear that needs to be a part of your wardrobe, but before you shell out your money, Here is all that you need to know before you gift yourself or your loved ones a pair of UGGs.

    First of all, one needs to know why sheepskin is used. It is a known fact that sheepskin provides durability and comfort. But something that many don’t know is that sheepskin is good for your health. They are known to relieve pain and regulate body temperature. Sheepskin also minimises friction and thus making it comfortable and easy on your skin.

    Let’s get things started with the boots. They are the most popular UGGs among women. The wellies come in two varieties, the short and the mini. The minis are boots that reach up to your ankle and, the shorts reach a few inches above your ankle. High-quality sheepskin is the material used to make both varieties of shoes. The uniqueness that UGGs hold is that it’s inside and outside are both made from sheepskin. They are perfect options for any outdoor clothing. 

    There will be confusion on which to buy. It can be decided based on your use case. In places with excessive snow, Short boots are an ideal option. The minis are an alternative to your regular shoes and are suitable for conventional day to day usage.

    UGG for women is a broad category and the boots come in various forms. There are the ones that have the buttoned type for a secure fit. Some varieties are also entirely in Australia for the most authentic look. There are also long boots that are the traditional way of wearing UGG. 

    Now let us look at the slippers. UGGs are also available as slippers for indoor use. They are a comfortable alternative to your regular slippers. They are also made from the same high-quality sheepskin as seen in the boots and provide the same cozy feel without neglecting the rigidity. The woollen collars are comfortable and cute. The slipper line comes in funky colours and elegant designs. The UGG slipper collection for women has snugg slide, cross over style, homely slippers and quite more. There is a slipper for everyone. 

    It is a popular myth that UGGs are very tough to maintain. But the truth of the matter is that they are pretty easy to clean. Most major retailers offer an addon “UGG care kit”. It is a reliable accessory for the boots and, using it clean and maintaining the shoes can be a breeze. They are pretty cheap and often go on sale. If you plan on buying a pair of boots or slippers, this is a must-have accessory. 

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    Fashion is not just the one dresses. It is an extension of a person’s persona. Great clothes can speak volumes about a person. The dressing sense has become a desirable value. It is only fair for one to dress not for others but, one’s own happiness. UGGs are a symbol of comfort, durability and pure craftsmanship. People wear these for not just their beauty but also for what they stand for. Don’t buy into clothing especially footwear just for their designs. After all, shoes are what takes you from one place to another and certainly, uggs can take you places. 



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