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    A Tween’s First PC Gaming Gear – 4 Must-Have Items

    Has your tween been begging to get all the latest game gear so they can start enjoying PC video games on their own system? Have you decided the time is right and you’re ready to set them up with everything, including the must-have gadgets and accessories? Now the only problem is figuring out what should be included in that list of must-have items. Here we’ll take a look at tween’s first PC gaming gear so you can make sure they’re ready to go.

    Their Own Gaming PC is a Must

    Before you can start thinking about the must-have accessories, the first piece of gear needs to be a gaming desktop or laptop. These differ significantly from standard models in that they have more processing power, RAM and storage, allowing them to handle even the most intricate and high-tech trending and popular games. The last thing you want is to gift them with a computer that is already struggling to keep up with today’s technology. You want something that will offer longevity or at the very least can be upgraded later.

    A Gaming-Specific Mouse and Keyboard

    Did you also know that the standard PC keyboard and mouse can fall flat where gaming is concerned? Sure, it gets the job done but there are more ergonomic and feature-packed options. A kids keyboard can also be fun and feature such options as backlighting. It is made to be heavy-duty so they can stand up to lots of use, usually mechanical, has built-in game mode buttons, and is incredibly responsive.

    Similar to a gaming keyboard, a gaming mouse for kids is also more receptive, intuitive, and offers added features a standard mouse can’t compete with.

    An External Webcam and Microphone Provide Seamless Use

    It can be tempting to settle for the built-in webcam and microphone, but if your tween plans on using these features often, they just won’t cut it. You can drastically improve sound and picture quality by upgrading to external accessories. Again, think in terms of features and longevity so it becomes more of an investment rather than something you end up upgrading by next year.

    A Wireless Headset Is Something All Family Members Will Appreciate

    And because your tween will likely be doing a lot of gaming with friends, you may want to gift them with an accessory that the whole household can benefit from. That gift is a wireless headset so that they can play as often as they want without the rest of the family having to listen to gaming sounds.

    When choosing which headset to get, it’s probably best to look at an adult size rather than a kid’s size for your tween. The kids’ size may fit at the moment, but ask yourself how much time you’ll get out of it. Instead, look for adult models that have an adjustable headband, and that should do the trick.

    You can also save yourself some money by purchasing a headset with a built-in microphone. That will mean you don’t have to worry about buying an external model.

    They’re Ready to Start Gaming

    While there are plenty more accessories and gadgets for tweens just starting in PC gaming, this is a good place to begin as these are the true must-haves.


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