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    8 Precautions to Buy Online Safely

    More and more people are signing up to buy online, due to the great advantages it has. You can quickly compare prices between different websites, find very cheap products, and even import from other countries such as China.

    You may be wary of this way of buying, or be afraid of entering personal financial data online. But don’t worry, if you take these 10 precautions, your online purchases can be just as safe as traditional ones:

    1. Use Cyber Card or Virtual Card

    It is a prepaid card to buy online, which means that you use the balance that you have previously loaded. You can register it in your name or leave it anonymous and it is safer than a card where you have access to all your money. In addition, on many pages such as Vlone, when buying with this card you save having to pay commissions.

    2. Make your Purchases in Safe Places

    Try to shop in places you already know. If you don’t know them, do your research before buying, ask questions, and find the physical address or a phone number.

    How can you identify safe sites? Look at the window where the business email address is located. There you will find the letters “https: //”. The “s” at the end means that the site is secure, although sometimes the “s” only appears on the payment page.

    Another way to check this is by looking at a padlock at the bottom of the page. An open padlock indicates that the site is most likely not secure.

    3. Beware of “Copy” Websites

    There are fake websites that pose as well-known companies or whose address is very similar. First of all, check that you are in the right place. To ensure the reliability of the page you can use plugins in your browser such as McAfee Site Advisor or WOT. Also you can use a safe browser site like Vlone website.

    4. Choose PayPal as the Payment Method

    PayPal is an intermediary in the banking data transaction process, thereby protecting your data. It also acts as a virtual wallet, because you deposit the amount set by the seller, which the seller withdraws once you confirm that the item has arrived. Otherwise, you can notify PayPal that the product has arrived broken, is false, or has not arrived directly and they will refund your money.

    5. Don’t use Unreliable Wi-Fi Connections

    If you connect away from home, remember that public Wi-Fi networks, whether free or password-protected, may be being intercepted, so it is advisable to carry out online transactions through your own network or through someone you trust.

    6. Identify and Avoid Spam

    Never buy products that are offered to you by “spammers”. You will already know that those who send you offers that you have not requested (junk mail) are called that, saturating your inbox.

    But the truth is that we can find spam in more and more places. A forum, a website, a blog that you normally visit, or even on your Facebook. It is not always easy to identify, but with a little common sense and research you can avoid falling into many traps.

    7. Pay Attention to the Privacy Policy and Conditions
    How to Avoid Problems with Online Shopping in Pakistan 2020 | CityBook.Pk

    All companies that offer their products on the internet must offer information about their transaction and about the treatment that they will give to your personal data. Find out well about the conditions of contracting or purchasing the product.

    Check what happens if you have to return the product, who bears the shipping costs, if there are geographical restrictions on deliveries, payment methods, etc.

    8. Choose a Different Password

    Online businesses usually request before making a purchase that you register with a username and password. Create a password that has letters, numbers and some special characters. And most importantly: avoid that this password is the same or similar to the one you use in online banking services.


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