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    5 Tips for New Overwatch Players

    Overwatch is a fast-paced action-adventure that brings players into a new world of activity. The niche carved out by Overwatch is impressive, with around 10 million monthly active users enjoying the sandbox on a regular basis. The development team at Blizzard (the same studio that produced the groundbreaking original Diablo and Diablo sequel games) is always bringing new inspiration to the table, and new and seasoned Overwatch players are rewarded with continuous updates and exciting new opportunities within the gameplay itself as a result.

    For new Overwatch players, breaking in can be a challenge, but with these five great tips, making your way through the game and learning to compete with the best of them can be in your future.

    1. Stay up on the latest trends in the gaming space.


    One of the best ways to learn the tactics and grow with the Overwatch community itself is to tune in regularly to Overwatch news. With eSports and updates dominating headlines in this arena, there’s always something to learn when engaging with the Overwatch community. Making sure that you’re up to date on new maps, live game modes, new loot, and new hero missions, as well as release dates for all of the above is the best way to keep current and continue enjoying your time in the game world.

    2. Utilize team-building exercises with your teammates and friends in-universe.


    Overwatch is unique in that teams must combine the three hero types in order to launch any game. The balance design that’s built into the game space is a new look for these types of gameplay, and it makes Overwatch a unique offering.

    In order to really dig into the Overwatch community and grow as a player, it’s a great idea to team up with other players who have styles that mesh with your own. Tackling teambuilding opportunities to learn to cooperate with one another is a great way to learn to play as a member of a team and carry your weight as a support, tank, or damage role character.

    3. Ensure that your hardware is up to scratch.


    One important aspect of any gaming setup is the hardware that you operate with. Live games can become a burden for everyone involved if a slow connection is lagging one or more of the payers behind the pace of the rest of your team.

    Make sure that you are working with a computer set up with great graphics cards (GPUs) and a motherboard and CPU that can handle the additional workload that gaming places on a unit.

    4. Emulate your favorite eSports heroes for greater enjoyment.


    Learning to play like your favorite professionals is another great way to take more enjoyment from the environment state of the game itself. No matter which character you prefer to play with (Widowmaker, Baptiste, Sombra, Reaper, etc.) learning to incorporate some of the moves and approaches to the gameplay that your favorite eSports pros utilize can help you quickly advance from a novice player into an experienced one with some great tricks up your sleeve.

    5. Ensure that your chair and accessories provide comfort and stability.


    Finally, it’s important to make sure that your accessories and chair are comfortable. Straining your back or neck will create knock-on effects that linger in your gameplay and other aspects of your life. Taking care to make sure that your body is well looked after during and after your time on screen is an important part of any gaming session. Take care of your body and it will thank you for it.

    With these tips in mind, growing into a great Overwatch player can be made easy.


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