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    5 Degrees You Can Study Online

    If the past year has taught us one thing, it’s how much we can do on our laptops in the comfort of our homes.

    The pandemic has particularly impacted schools and colleges, making it difficult for students to gain the education they expected to. Instead of heading to campus for lectures, they logged into their device and onto a video conference. But while the change has been dramatic and foreign, it has led of a lot of students in the next generation to consider online courses long term.

    There are several benefits to learning online. For one, you can stay at home; meaning you can quickly reduce the costs of higher education by not paying for campus accommodation. Another benefit is the flexibility; most online courses have module deadlines where work and lectures have to be completed. However, when and how you do the work is entirely up to you. This makes online studying ideal for those wanting to keep their jobs or who have to manage their training around childcare and other family priorities.

    Not all careers have the option to study at home. If your priority is obtaining a degree online, here are some careers to consider.

    5 Degrees you can study online

    A Master’s in Engineering

    The engineering industry is massive. There are a huge number of different types of engineers, all of which lead to lucrative and exciting careers.

    Most online degrees for engineering are Masters or PhD level, as you’ll need to be hands-on for the undergraduate course.

    If you already have a degree, you can get a Masters in civil, electrical, chemical or even construction engineering.

    Bachelor’s in Business

    Those that were unfortunate enough to lose their jobs over the past year, or anyone who’s interested in starting their own company could benefit from an online business degree. Business administration is a versatile qualification that can lead to great career prospects – both self-employed or within a larger company. You’ll have the knowledge and ability to manage and operate within a vast number of industries and learn the inner workings of how the best brands really do business.

    Healthcare or Nursing

    There is a constant shortage of healthcare professionals across the world. You could help to fill this gap (while also helping a huge number of people) by studying one of several nursing or online midwifery programs.

    Midwives help dreams come true and create new families every day. Nursing is renowned for being a hugely reward job, with a consistently high job satisfaction rate. No two days will ever be the same and there are tons of ways to progress your career to suit your changing lifestyle.

    Online nursing courses will require a few weeks in person, but the rest of the degree can be studied online.

    Computer science

    It would be ironic if you couldn’t study computer science online.

    This continuously emerging industry will pave the way for the future, giving you plenty of opportunity to change the world. Salaries in computer science are pretty high, meaning this degree could be a serious investment into a comfortable lifestyle. Students can usually specialize in different areas such as cybersecurity, cloud computing or video game technology.

    Graphic design

    Again, if you are interested in tech and want to get your creative juices flowing, graphic design is another great online degree to study. Whether you want to pursue a career in marketing or simply want to be able to create cool graphics for your own use, graphic design is a fun and versatile subject.

    Graphic designers are in huge demand and work with companies across the globe to create ways to portray messages to their customers and clients. Graphic design can be studied at undergraduate or Master’s level online.

    How to get the most out of your online degree

    Once you’ve chosen and applied for your online degree, you’ll need to be your own motivator. Unlike with on-campus courses, you’ll need to be hugely self-sufficient and determined to attend all your lectures and get all work done without much supervision. Below, we’ve created a list of tips to help you get the most out of your degree.

    Get involved in discussions

    While it’s easy to simply turn off the webcam and focus on something else while your seminar goes on in the background, getting involved in discussion is crucial for your degree. It’s a chance to make sure you’re completely understanding the material, while also taking on other people’s perspectives about it. You might find others have a totally different viewpoint which will be helpful when studying or debating topics in your assignments.

    Budget your time

    If your course has pre-recorded modules, you’ll need to budget your time to make sure you sit down, focus and get studying. If you’re studying alongside work or running the family home, it can be difficult to not get distracted. Try to get the whole family on board with your study plan, so that everyone knows when you really need to have some time uninterrupted.

    Get to know your professors

    Sure, there is less opportunity to bump into professors or see them after class when you’re studying online. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to get to know them. In person and e-Learning professors will have ‘office times’ in which students are more than welcome to book in a chat. You can discuss any areas you’re struggling with or provide feedback on modules you’ve enjoyed. You might even be able to bag yourself a few contacts in the field you’d like to specialize in.

    Don’t be afraid to ask for help

    As we get older, the openness to ask for help seems to disappear. But if you’re struggling while studying an online degree, it’s crucial you take a moment to ask for help, so that you don’t fall behind. And help isn’t just given by professors; you can ask other students or even ask your partner to take over the house admin while you dedicate a day to catching up on schoolwork.

    If you’ve already studied an online degree, let us know your top tips for staying on track!


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