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    4 Best Paraphrasing Tools For Digital Marketers Use In 2023

    Whether you have an old or new website, Google always wants you to publish high-quality and unique content. If the content of your website is too similar to another text, it can be removed or your website can be penalized because it is plagiarism.

    Not to mention that Google does not appreciate duplicate or low-quality content. Digital marketers and writers should therefore take great care when creating and publishing content.

    Paraphrasing tool makes it easy for digital marketers to ensure content is exclusive and plagiarism-free 

    In this article, you’ll find our top picks for the 4 best 4 paraphrasing tools on the web. So without further ado, let’s get right to it.

    4 Best Paraphrasing Tools for Digital Marketers 

    There are a number of paraphrasing tools on the market that promise you high-quality rewrites. However, there are a few standouts among the others. Here is a list of the best four paraphrasing tools that are incredibly useful and can help digital marketers improve their writing. 

    1. Paraphrasingtool.ai

    The first on the list is Paraphrasingtool.ai. It is the best paraphrasing tool that can help you make your content more unique and engaging. If you are pressed for time, want to sound better, or just do not feel like writing, this tool can help you come up with new ideas, remove plagiarism and improve your writing skills.

    It uses artificial intelligence to rephrase your text. It supports multiple languages and is easy to use thanks to its user interface. 

    It can rephrase up to 1,000 characters in a matter of seconds. Thus, you can rewrite articles, sentences, and entire paragraphs.

    This tool offers various working modes, including;

    • Text improver 
    • Near human 
    • Plagiarism remover 
    • Creative 
    • Quill text 
    • Academic 
    • Sentence rephraser  

    These writing modes help you generate multiple versions of the same sentences in less time.

    The software allows you to replace the words with their synonyms so you can adjust the readability of your content. It supports multiple languages, and its user interactive interface makes it easy to use. 

    It is very easy to use. You just paste in the text you want to paraphrase, select the mode and language and the tool will do the rest.

    In addition, this incredible tool generates titles for your content, making your posts and articles more appealing. It is also possible to get a quick overview of your content in just a few clicks.


    • Provides editing and writing tools in addition to paraphrasing
    • Excellent paraphrasing results 
    • Multiple paraphrasing modes 
    • Synonyms suggestions 
    • Multiple languages 
    • Generates titles 
    • Get a quick summary 


    • Rephrases 1000 characters at once, meaning that you need to use it repeatedly to rephrase longer texts. 
    • Distractive ads 


    Its premium version is quite affordable, you will get it for only $19.99. 

    Here is what you will get with its premium; 

    • Access to all paraphrasing modes 
    • 10,000 characters limit at once 
    • Definition and synonym suggestions 
    • 10 suggestions with the sentence rephraser

    2. Paraphraser.ai

    True to its name, Paraphraser.ai is an utterly AI-based paraphrasing tool. Like any other paraphrasing tool, its basic feature is to rephrase the original text without changing the sentence structure and meaning. But what makes it stand out among others is its different writing modes which are; 

    • Anti-plagiarism 
    • Basic 
    • Medium 
    • Sentence rephraser 
    • Creative 
    • Extreme 
    • Plagiarism remover 
    • Academic 

    Its powerful paraphrasing modes can handle any sort of writing ranging from basic text rearrangements to extreme-level rephrasing. 

    All of its paraphrasing modes are free to use. Thus, this paraphrasing tool helps you rephrase the content in various ways. In fact, it has two modes to avoid plagiarism.

    The is a free paraphrasing tool version that lets you paraphrase up to 10,000 characters at a time, so you can do unlimited paraphrasing. Moreover, it can rephrase the content in more than 20 languages, and offer a user-friendly interface. 


    • Completely free to use 
    • Different paraphrasing modes 
    • Plagiarism free results 
    • Multiple languages 
    • Bulk rephrasing with 10,000 character limit


    • Misleading ads

    3. Essayrewriter.io

    Advanced paraphrasing is not always necessary, especially if you need to paraphrase only to improve the quality of your articles. For such cases, the Essay Rewriter is required to help you out. 

    As its name suggests, it helps students with academic writing, but its excellent rephrasing capabilities make it a great tool for digital marketers and writers alike.

    Using this paraphrasing tool is simple and straightforward. The three different paraphrasing modes of this paraphrasing tool rephrase the text excellently. 

    Besides, this tool is free and works so quickly, so you get the rephrased results fast. Another advantage is that it uses intelligent rewriting to ensure that your content is unique and readable. 


    • Free to use 
    • Excellent results 
    • Rephrases unlimited words 
    • Three paraphrasing modes 


    • Results might need some manual editing and proofreading.

    4. Plagiarism-changer.com

    It is another great paraphrasing tool that can help you rewrite a piece of content without plagiarism. This tool can rewrite a piece of content in a way that removes duplicate or plagiarized content. 

    Using top-notch AI technology, it does not do the simple rephrasing by changing a few words and phrases, rather it changes the text structure to give it a completely new cover. Thus, the rephrased content is absolutely plagiarism free. 

    It can paraphrase up to 5000 characters in one go. Many marketers are already using them, but it’s important to understand you need to check the results for plagiarism before you go towards publishing it. Furthermore, it is easy to use and provides SEO-friendly and human-readable results.


    • 100% plagiarism-free results 
    • Easy to use 
    • Fastest paraphrasing results 
    • Rephrases 5000 characters at once
    • Unlimited free use


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    The right paraphrasing tool can do anything a content marketing strategy requires. If you need an advanced-level paraphrasing tool with excellent features, Paraphrasingtool.ai may be the best choice. 

    However, if you just want to improve the text quality for free, the other three paraphrasing tools can come in handy. Using this paraphrasing list, digital marketers can create standard content without having to worry about plagiarism and other errors.


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